iPad 5, iWatch, iPhone 5S …. new Apple products planned in 2013

The recipe for the next 12 months is already known for the Apple group: little apple logonews and a lot of updates or enhancements to existing products, iPad and iPhone in mind. 2013 should not depart from the rule, but with a unusual product that might hold Apple, with the release of a … iwatch.

The iPad 5

Six months after the release of the iPad mini, Apple is already working on the commercialization of a new iPad for its fifth version. This could be presented as early as March, according to a Japanese blog. The new iPad is smaller and thinner than previous models.

With the arrival of Microsoft Surface fanfare, the tablet market has become very competitive these days, which drives Apple to renew itself more quickly now. For its part, the iPad mini would also be upgraded, with the arrival of a Retina display and a processor A6X (like the iPad) in its new version.

iPad and iPad mini in their latest release on the market:

iPAD 5Apple watch (iWatch)

It is a little chef’s surprise. Mentioned project for several years now, a watch Apple could emerge in 2013. The California group and Intel are trying to work on a Bluetooth model intelligent, for release next year.

This “SmartWatch” is compatible with the iPhone and can respond to messages or receive calls.

The iWatch designed by designer Antonio De Rosa


The iPhone 5S

The mantra has been known since the iPhone 3G. The fifth name is no exception to the rule: mid-2013, he should know his S version. No alterations on the shape of the device, but then again, one upgrade some of its capabilities.

There is talk of an iPhone 5S XXL, Storage: 128 GB, in its most consistent, which propel the price beyond 1000 euros … New also planned (but not yet official): the emergence of NFC (near field communication) and the ability to color the original hull (a paid service and not really given).

The iPhone 5S will be dyeing the hull, after sending to to a company graphics (iPhone 5 here):

iPhone 5S


iPhone 5S

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