3 iPad apps which can make your life simpler if you are a student

Currently, students became so busy with their studies that there are hardly any time for leisure and fun, not talking about eating and sleeping. This stirring life can be growing and growing, thus there exist a basic need for the reduction of constant stress. What the better help can be than the one which is always with you. I’m talking about tech gadgets which are always at hands and are at hands like Chip’n’Dale. Let’s consider the definite iPad apps; Clapboard, Cymbol and Gameglyph and see what serve they can do for us.



Are your presentations at conferences or simple classes getting more and more boring? If the answer is positive, then this is an application for you to download. Its main purpose is to make movies, but the way it deals with such a task does fascinate. You can feel yourself as if being present at a filmset. The interface is developed so that even a three-year-old will get a specialist. It’s extremely easy to navigate and send your ready-made pieces. Brighten up your media life and become like a real superstar!


Have you ever experienced that feeling when you are close to the perfect variant of the lecture notes or some personal book reviews for the next classes, but the only thing to stop you to end up with it is unbelievable symbols which are unclear for the keyboard of your tool? If so, you can forget about such a nightmare, as new iPad app Cymbol is ready to help you. From now on you can manipulate any symbols you want making them stay in any position you like.


The time for leisure activities shouldn’t be left aside, though. As they say the best way to relax is to change the field of activity you take and games are probably the best option here. But what the point in this, if no one knows about your success. And here GameGlyph takes the stage. With its help you can easily not only store your awesome results, but also send them to your friends, so that everyone will know who is a pro of gaming.

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