IPhone 5 and iPhone 4S video compared

The iPhone 5 may well not yet have been announced, it is none the less it was more or less presented on a stand of the IFA . What launch a comparison between this smartphone and its predecessor, the iPhone 4S .

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

The technique is not new: a few weeks before the announcement of a new iPhone, some manufacturers of accessories already knowledgeable already have “mockup” of the mobile future. The case is also checked again on the occasion of the IFA, as evidenced by the video below, produced by the team site The Verge.

The same team took great pleasure in comparing this replica of iphone 5 to the current generation iPhone, which allows us to account for the marked difference in size between the two models. Will, patience, a few days at most, Apple will have no choice but to announce his damn iPhone 5. At least we hope so. Because it can not be leaked advantage at this point!

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