iPhones and Android will topple RIM in business this year says IDC

iPhones and Android smartphones will replace the BlackBerry as the smartphone most used by workers around the world in 2012, according to IDC, in an updated forecast.


The IDC report on the corporate use of smartphones note that companies are buying iPhones “mass”, though Android-based devices are high on the list of the purchased directly by workers. The market research company separates these smartphones for business purchased by the employee or by the company of those acquired by the ordinary consumer.

IDC projects that, for all of this year, sales of Android smartphones for consumption will reach 351.9 million, the “functional” will be 87.7 million, and corporate 15.1 million. On the other hand, Apple will sell 78.6 million iPhones to consumers, 37.1 million and 31.1 million employees for companies.

Combined, the corporate sales of iPhones and Android smartphones will distance themselves from similar sales of BlackBerry for the first time. Sales of RIM’s smartphone to employees in 2012 will reach 5.2 million, while for consumers will be 14.8 million, IDC projects.

The iPhone will be on “top corporate” sales of smartphones in 2016, when it will reach 68.9 million, IDC said in its forecast. The smartphone from RIM led the corporate sales in 2011, with 22.4 million. “BlackBerry continues to be the gold standard for safety,” IDC said, but added that the low interest of consumers and developers “hinders its viability in the future.” Research In Motion has promised to launch two new smartphones BlackBerry 10 on January 30.

Android x Security

Analysts at IDC said the future of Android is the “opposite problem” that faced by BlackBerry. The open source operating system Google has a large developer community, but a fragmented ecosystem of devices and “more gaps in security that many organizations accept,” IDC said.

Meanwhile, Apple’s popularity with consumers and a tight security “made her a winner for business use,” IDC said.

IDC called the Windows Phone of “black sheep” and predicts that few companies will adopt Microsoft’s new platform soon. The company projects that the number of smartphone sales expected to reach 1.25 billion in 2016.

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