Everything you need to know about NFC – Near Field Communication

nfc near field communication

NFC is often touted as the next revolution that will change our ways of using the mobile phone. What is this new technology? What it does? Why is this a revolution? Security level, what is it?

We have attempted to answer these questions: here is our special NFC!

What is “NFC”?

The acronym NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”  means, “close communication technology”. This new technology allows instant transfer of data between two devices, all without contact. This exchange can take place either between two mobile phones equipped, or between a mobile and a small chip that can store / exchange data, called “NFC Tag”.

This technology has already been used by Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, and now NFC is spreading to other countries also. There are about 50 million smartphones / tablets equipped with NFC and the figure is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years.

What are the uses of NFC?

The uses are numerous: a smartphone can connect to a computer to download a file, a camera can send images to a PDA, a TV exchange data with mobile … A range of actions that will really simplify the use of our smartphones.

Pay with their smartphone


Through NFC, payment may take place directly from a mobile phone: it communicates with the payment terminal merchant’s bank and the exchange of data takes place instantly. The advantages are many, starting with the fact that we can pay small amounts directly to the mobile, without having to have fluid in the pocket. Exit the wallet!

Security issue, encoding and encryption board are designed to ensure maximum security transactions and in case of theft or loss, the deactivation request of payment made through this technology is very fast compared to the opposition proceedings today.

Use your smartphone instead of transport tickets, tickets cinemas, etc.

This is perhaps one of the most interesting points of this new technology. This technology can be directly stored on your mobile as transport, can be used in cinemas for buying tickets, for a ticket to a game etc……. That really will simplify your daily life. It is a practical gain, since everything is together in one place.

near field communication

Exchanging data between smartphones

One of the most useful features of NFC: Sharing contacts, photos, video, music, applications, URL and more will be done simply by bringing two devices to each other. 

Share information.

Again, here are few examples multiple uses:

  • Enter the restaurant, ask your smartphone on the table and you will receive directly from the menu.
  • Move your Smartphone into a card and contact data will register automatically on your phone.
  • Move your mobile shelters for the direct access to plans and schedules.
  • etc……

Windows Phone & NFC

A new hub on Windows 8 Phone is the “Hub Wallet”. This will allow you to manage your payments & loyalty cards safely. Microsoft has also communicated a lot about it. So when the Windows Phone Summit happened last summer, Joe Belfiore showed an example of using sharing feature called “Tap + Send” benefiting the NFC. You actually hit your phone to another device with NFC for sharing content. This feature also works with Windows 8.


Demonstration of NFC with the Nokia Lumia 610 , first Windows Phone NFC:


Video showing the integration of NFC WP8 and its uses:



This wireless technology gradually integrates into our smartphones to replace a large part of our common objects: credit cards, tickets, concert tickets, business cards, etc.. This new technology, Near Field Communication (NFC) therefore acts as a mini-revolution in the mobile world, changing our perception of the smartphone. It will be becoming a real tool indispensable to man? Maybe. Anyway, we can only rejoice at the arrival of this technology on Windows 8 Phone.

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