Know the Difference between LCD and LED TV

Difference between LCD and LED TV

Thinking of buying a TV but you lost to the choices available to you. And especially ask you this question: what is the difference between LCD and LED TV?

We will try to answer, starting with understanding what the acronyms LED and LCD:
  • Definition LCD : from English “Liquid Crystal Display”, the acronym stands for “Liquid Crystal Display”. Historically, technology has enabled the creation of flat panel displays with low power consumption. It is used in many electronic devices.
  • Definition LED : from English “Light Emitting Diode”, the acronym stands for “light emitting diode”.

The difference between LCD and LED is Light Emitting Diodes (LED) emit colored light and use less energy and space than traditional bulbs. LEDs are used for backlighting LCD, LED TV is new and it is a logical consequence of the LCD TV.

Because of the novelty of the technology, LED TVs are a bit more expensive than LCD TVs, but prices are steadily declining.

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