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For many bloggers, a great deal of their traffic comes from Google searches. no mistakeThese hits usually fall on old stories that are out of date or unrelated to current topics of discussion, but still catch people’s attention because they somehow relate to a topic that is current in the news or in blogging circles.

And there is nothing wrong with getting long tail traffic through Google searches, but for most companies and bloggers, it would be better to have regular readers who are paying attention to your newest, most up to date content—the content that delivers the greatest value to your readers, and keeps them coming back and checking your blog daily.

Put It on Top

So, if you want readers to pay attention mostly to your new content, you must do something to draw their eyes to it. And a number of new Premium WordPress themes are helping bloggers do this by making the newest content on a website absolutely unmistakable. How is this done? Well, what is the first thing you see on most blogs and websites? Unless there is an amazing photo or graphic at the top of the story, the first thing you look at is probably the website’s header. And while a nicely designed header can help your blog look more professional and advertise what you are all about, headers are still not an optimal use of the blog’s most prominent space. Ideally, that space would be used to showcase your newest or best content. And so that’s what this new generation of WordPress themes do: They use dynamic headers that put part of a post into the header of the blog.

Selecting the Best

This is a great tool for bloggers who want their newest content to be visible on every page. These themes allow one post—sometimes the newest post, other times an especially useful or interesting post—to be set to appear in the header. This way, any time someone loads your blog, no matter which page they land on, they will see some of your best content at the very top of the page. It will be almost impossible to miss.

Since you probably can’t fit an entire blog post in the header, these themes typically show the title and an excerpt specified by the blogger. But everyone who opens your blog will see at least that much of your newest work, and if the title and excerpt are on point, they are apt to continue click the link and read more of what you have to say.

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