Microsoft launches its own Spotify

It is not the first time Microsoft looking to break into the digital music business. The software giant has taken a step beyond the sale of music for download and has announced the launch of a streaming service Spotify European style.

Xbox Music, which is currently available to users of the Xbox 360, will expand next week,spotify coinciding with the launch of Windows 8, all devices with the new operating system from Microsoft. Next year will also be accessible from Android and Apple devices.

The service begins with a catalog of 30 million tracks and 70,000 music videos. Users can listen to music for free and unrestricted exchange for advertising. If you want to remove the ads, you must subscribe for $ 9.99 a month.

Spotify had in late July with over 15 million active users and 4 million subscribers. The Swedish company put limitations on free (no more than five reproductions of an issue except for users who take more than six months in service and no more than 10 hours of listening per month) last year, following pressure from the record and in an attempt to increase the paid subscribers.


iTunes, Apple is still the leader in the digital music business with 64% of sales, according to NPD Group. In second place is Amazon, with 29%. Indeed, the e-commerce giant has just launched in Spain their digital music service, called Amazon MP3.

Besides buying music (0.99 song from 5.99 euros and albums), Amazon can save items in a service that has been designed in the cloud, so that the user can access the playlists streaming from any device. The firm at no cost to store 250 songs (those acquired in Amazon are uploaded to the cloud automatically and free) and charges 24.99 per year to create a virtual library of 250,000 songs.

Apple offers a similar service in the cloud, called iCloud, offering the first 5 gigabytes free. Almost a year ago, Google launched its service in the U.S. Music, which allows the purchase of songs through its Android Market store. In addition, consumers can store up to 20,000 songs for free online.

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