Microsoft Windows 8: A unified platform for all computing devices

microsoft windows 8

Microsoft has undertaken a rather huge responsibility, something pessimists and Windows bashing parties see it being unable to fulfill. The latest version of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8, is an attempt to make an all-encompassing operating system, unifying all sorts of end user devices; desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones under one banner. A single platform that could allow for such ease and liberty to the user is badly needed at the time, just as much as the company needs to re-establish terms with users in order to regain some of its lost glory. It is a huge ‘if’ to say the least and Microsoft will need to pull a rabbit out of a hat this time.

Broken in your arms I lay

It has been over two years since Microsoft has been suffering at the hands of the two other behemoths Apple and Google in this regard but you’ve got to give it to the company that from the looks of it Microsoft seems to be taking a u-turn towards success. Windows 8, the company’s latest upgrade, is a highly brave and tumultuous effort of the sort that might even get CIOs to revisit a rather wounded end user support scheme. Certainly the company’s gaze remains fixed at software development, with the exception of Xbox consoles and Surface tabs, which in terms of Win 8 launch is one of the most important OS version since the Win 95 that made its mark on desktop computers.

The widespread use and the challenge

Windows has been able to grow deep roots within enterprises and private PCs, something that contenders cannot even reach in their wildest dreams. Taking some figures into account, 1.3 billion users throughout the world, according to Microsoft, use Windows in part due to the reverse BYOD, which is basically bringing back your office to your home and has spread widely in the last decade. Try not to fall for the mediocre response given to several Microsoft OSes because even if we consider the IT anticipation, Windows 8 seems towering above all. The early testing has been promising no doubt, but the fact that even the more acerbic Microsoft critics have been subdued in awe stands out a little bit. The reason for that is simple, one coherent and cohesive user interface that is able to stir up demand amongst people is hard to come by. While the challenge may not be simple everyone is waiting and watching, holding onto their chips not betting on or against Microsoft’s delivery of an amazing Windows experience.

The new Microsoft Windows 8 is meant to be cutting edge in all possible ways, including its defenses. It comes built in with a DEP or data execution prevention function, which deals with system memory at a very basic level. It prevents any badly written or malicious code to run on the system. So, whether it is computer monitoring software, keylogger, or any other malware for that matter that is threatening you and keeping you awake at nights, you can say farewell to all that.

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