Here are the Minimum requirements for a Smartphone to use Firefox OS

The installation of mobile Firefox browser and Firefox appstore Marketplace, 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM are among the basic specifications for Firefox OS.

Mozilla has released the minimum software and hardware specification\"firefox that must meet the devices with the logo \”Powered by Firefox OS\”. These include the installation of mobile Firefox browser and the appstore Firefox Marketplace also.

These requirements are similar to Google\’s Android model, however, there is one key difference: Mozilla is encouraging developers to adopt operators and app stores and alternative payment methods, according to The Verge. An operator to launch a Firefox OS device can have its own app store with Firefox Marketplace, allowing you to direct billing and get a share of the sales revenue.

On the hardware side, the basic specifications are affordable: a single-core processor at 800 MHz, 256 MB of RAM and QVGA screen, below even the mid-range Android phones now sold in Western markets. That helps explain the simplicity of the Open ZTE and Alcatel One Touch Fire, the first two Firefox OS smartphones announced in MWC 2013, which will run primarily to emerging markets.

According to this strategy, Firefox OS devices as Open ZTE or Alcatel One Touch Fire smartphone would be the first of many emerging markets users, where smartphone penetration is still relatively low.

Mozilla has also stated that there are additional requirements for certification established in agreements with individual members, although the terms of those agreements are confidential.

Anyway, as with Android, there is nothing that prevents a hardware manufacturer to take elements of open source Firefox and launch a device based on them, but Mozilla will not let you take any brand of Firefox OS unless you comply requirements. But probably not a device Mozilla certified under this system might work.

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