Mobile Applications – Pros and Cons


IT technology and our day to day life becomes tightly bounded and we are facing a rapid growth in IT sector which has got a great impact in our society too. Because of this growth we have received a number of facilities that have changed our economic status, lifestyle and more. The growth of technology is the only reason for some unbeatable changes in our society.

Say for example I could say Mobile phones. This device becomes a common thing and is available with almost everyone among us. If we look deep into mobile applicationsthe growth of technology, with no further delay I could say the evolution of Mobile application. World is propelling towards Mobile application development.

The aim of this article is to give a clear picture about the extended benefits and drawbacks in Mobile apps.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of Mobile applications:

There are many features that highlight the importance of mobile application. Below are some among the major highlights.

Portability: We are running out in a busy world. We would be greatly benefited if a device can serve us with loads of information where ever we move. This becomes possible only because of Mobile application. I can probably say that this is the main reason why people are sticking towards mobile applications. Wherever you are, no matter the distance and time, the features of mobile application can give you the best result you are looking for.

Ease of work: If you think that lots of time and work has to be applied to use the mobile applications, then absolutely you are wrong. These features are all about “One Click” concept. Within some time you will get the desired result.

Effective results: In short we can say that the evolution of Mobile applications  has completely changed the work strategy. Apt example for this feature would be payment transaction. By a single click you can complete the transaction process. Mobile applications play a vital role in business aspects also.

Real time information: The information we are getting through the mobile applications are all based on the real time processing and those data are real timeaccurate and reliable too. We can’t restrict mobile apps into certain categories. As such their list goes on and on.

Availability of apps: We have numerous apps on different categories such as entertainment, arts, informative even more. Depending upon the operating system also the feature of mobile apps varies that includes the list. On the basis of user’s needs and expectations Mobile application development company and developers are working on presenting a variety of apps.

Whatever the product been launched in market, there would be positive as well as negative comments based upon the feature. In the same way let’s see about the drawbacks of mobile apps.

Restriction over mobile devices:

The first and foremost drawback of mobile apps would be the restriction over devices. Not every smart phones supports all apps. It depends upon the configuration of the phone. There are certain features in mobile phone like screen size, resolution which differ from device to device. The app features are restricted because of these factors. This in turns affects the quality of the app.

Security issues:security issues

This is completely based upon the concept of data transfer that too wireless. These kinds of data transmissions are unsafe to some extent. Security is the major aspect that has to be given prior importance. Apps should be developed with security options and enhancements in order to avoid these problems so that your data remains secured.


The success of any product depends upon the effectiveness in terms of its performance. On that note, mobile applications stands as a great example. Mobile applications has reduced our work burden and saves time. Use it wisely and get the utmost result.

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