Most Expensive Phones in the World – Have you seen them

You might be fascinated with iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 and have thought that these are the best phones that you can ever get in the world. However, you have never imagined some other phones in your life that are much more precious than these Smartphones. What do you think that billionaires hold the iPhone 5? Never, there are cell phones that are way beyond these high technology smart gadgets. Here are some of the most expensive phones that you might have not seen in the market:

Goldvish “Le million”Goldvish “Le million”

This phone is embedded with many diamonds and gold, which is one the main reason for its high price. This model was launched back in 2006 and it has remained the high priced product until now. It is not available in the market, however, it can be bought on special request and only 100 models of this phone has been launched. The price of Goldvish is $1 million. The price also varies according to the customization you want.

Vertu Signature Cobra

 Vertu Signature Cobra

The phone looks simple but the embedded diamonds and jewels make it very expensive and special. Only eight models have been made for this phone. The price of the Cobra phone is $0.31 million. Designer of this phone is a French Company.

Sony Ericsson Black DiamondSony Ericsson Black Diamond

If you are not interested in Jewels and are looking for a stylish and expensive phone, than Black Diamond is seemingly a good option. Interesting thing about this phone is that was designed by an industrial engineer from Singapore. The curved shape makes it look quite exclusive. It might looks to you completely as a mirror but it very easy to use. Only five phones were launched initially and the rest were made on special orders. The price of this phone is $300,000.

GResso luxury phone with Black DiamondsGResso luxury phone with Black Diamonds

GResso is simple yet beautiful in its design. The previous model was made of gold key, but now these keys are substituted by diamond. The diamonds are not the ones that you can find in the market easily but they are special black diamond’s that are quite expensive to find. Only 50 units of this set have been made and the price of $40,000.

Motorola V220 Special Edition Motorola V220 Special Edition

This model of Motorola is a flip phone and the major reason for such a high price is the 1200 diamonds that are present on its skin. It has 18k gold keypad. An Austrian Designer has made this and the price of Motorola special edition is nearly $51,800 to buy.

Are you thinking at least one of these phones should be yours? Share your feelings with us that which one you want to own? We are eagerly waiting for your views.

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