Game Review: Need For Speed Most Wanted for iPad

Hurrah, the Need For Speed Most Wanted Edition comes to iPad. You all must be knowing what a thrilling game it is. If you are a racing gamer, you might be knowing of it, of-course you should also. So here, we’ll discuss about this version of game on iPad , it’s gameplay and how it feels on that monstrous iPad.

Graphics: Starting with the game quality, it is fantastic. The quality is somewhat need for speed most wanted for ipadbetter than the Playstation 2 version. The graphics are really good and detailed enough to make you feel amazed. The car design and surface is pretty detailed and even the surroundings in which it moves. But also sometimes the scenery is a bit distracting coz it is of amazing detail. One simply cannot stop himself from gazing over those buildings and stuff.

Controls: Also the controls are pretty easy and one is pretty quick in grasping need for speed most wanted for ipad them. They are designed keeping in mind the novice players, so that they also could enjoy and feel the game. Acceleration is made to be automated in the game. The user has just to control the car using Braking , Nitrous Speed Booster, and off course steering your car, which proves to be off really great challenge. You could either do it using the motion sense or using built in joysticks. As a whole the controls are not that complicated. They are pretty easy to go with.


The races alone are really are a fun to do. Whether they be a traditional races, a two car show to increase the player’s ranking. No matter it is really a great experience. And in those police chases , the Police car could run off the track , lay down spikes, so as to stop your car. You would also see some of the choppers at advance stages. But you cannot have the free roam mode here , as you could do with the playstation version. That’s probably the only Down point of the game I think.

Also see this video Review of Need For Speed Most Wanted on iPad.

In a nutshell , the game is pretty awesome, and really a fun , when you got nothing to do with your iPad. However it is not as good as the full gaming versions but still a good choice to have it on the go. Also updates are expected so as to take the gaming engine of NFS on a whole new level on iPad. 🙂

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