Never do this with your laptop!

A laptop is a machine relatively fragile. 

Do not pay attention to an element – such as aeration – it will cause the failure of the computer, it is only a matter of time! Here I am sharing few things which you must not do while using laptop or while carrying laptop.

Why to Lay the laptop on Blankets:

To dissipate the heat, a laptop has many ventilation slots on the base or on the sides. By placing it on a bed (or other soft surface), the fabric will marry its forms and block these vents.

This results in a sharp rise in temperature inside the computer, which will eventually damage the processor, but also other elements. Lay on your knees can have the same effect with models whose ventilation is located on the underside.

In this case, we recommend that you put a book below or better yet rigid support with a ventilator.

Do not walk when idle

The watch is very handy for saving energy, but during this phase, the disks are always active. Although some high-end models have an accelerometer to tilt the disk read heads in case of fall, they are also active when the computer is idle.

Unless your hard drive is SSD as a model of the MacBook Air and Ultrabook several shut down your computer before transporting.

Be care with your small screen

The screen is one of the most fragile elements of a laptop, not to mention that it is expensive to replace, when it is possible to do so. To preserve it, clean it frequently and be careful not to exert pressure on the computer closed (this applies to both sides) or not to drop a heavy object may exert uneven pressure on the keyboard, could mark the screen indirectly, if it becomes warped or curved.

For example, put your laptop in a bag without adequate protection, such as the one shown in the photo, if it contains an object that can exert uneven pressure on either side of the laptop.

Do not Smoke

Cigarette smoke is what is more harmful to a computer. Combined with dust, it forms a kind of sticky matrix at fans and the CPU cooler, making it almost ineffective cooling.

If you’re a fan or not occasional marijuana, do not feel safe. This smoke is worse than smoking, so much so that a technician is able to find out, by removing the computer, if the residue has been generated by the pot, because it is more viscous that with cigarette smoke.

The Weakness of the MacBook

The real weakness of the MacBook is the material that made their success, hull “unibody” aluminum. Although aluminum allows to effectively remove heat, its main problem is its fragility. Thus, it scratches easily and is particularly vulnerable to shocks.

If you want to keep it pristine, there are shell protection that fit perfectly with Mac.

Maintenance Tips

  • Always use a Padded bag to carry a laptop. It will be well protected from bumps and minor impacts daily.
  • Clean the vents could be blocked by dust and thermal paste change made after two to three years.
  • Responsible for facilitating the evacuation of heat from the processor, the thermal grease is often of poor quality in phones.
  • So eventually it disappear after two to three years, which has the effect of overheating the computer, which will even shut down unexpectedly.
  • To clean your computer, there are suitable liquids on the market. Spray some on a cloth and then clean your computer.
  • Ensure that no liquid enters the keyboard.

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