No more turning off mobile phones during flight

Travelers can use their smartphones and even connect to a Wi-Fi in the new Boeing aircraft

Boeing has improved the connectivity of its commercial fleetUsers of the Boeing aircraft will be able to use their mobile phones normally or connect to a Wi-Fi to surf the Internet without imposing any problem.Boeing 777

What of “we remind you that during flight is prohibited from using mobile phones” have the hours counted. The Boeing Company offers airlines new connection possibilities. Thus, air travel for several hours will not cause any inconvenience for those who want to make the long trips internet browsing or have to take calls.

The new Boeing 747-8 and 777, which will be ready in late 2013, will expand its wireless coverage, providing passengers to use their mobile phones to connect to a Wi-Fi , Internet access using so-called entertainment flight (IFE, for its acronym in English) and live TV broadcasts.

Moreover, these additional connectivity systems are being evaluated for the Boeing 737 and may be available in the near future, the company says. The 737 already includes wiring provisions for connectivity systemsBy the end of this year, the company is working for the Boeing 787 in flight provides a full set of connectivity offerings as part of their standard catalog. “Passengers want the option to stay connected to your email, internet and other online deals in flight. We have partnered with several suppliers of system connectivity for our entire family of aircraft, “says the company.

The first connectivity systems currently under development at Boeing are the Panasonic Global Communication Suite and Thales TopConnect system. Wireless media streaming system is expected to be available in all new Boeing aircraft in 2014.

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