Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 video quality

When Nokia compares the quality of camera and video between Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 then the result is definitely interesting and of course YouTube has the video to prove it.


The Hurricane is the name of the rollercoaster used by Nokia to pull out the video. The train makes the ride in the night and there are three smartphones : Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. The video is filmed with the Lumia and Nokia has compared the quality between Lumia 920 with PureView camera and iPhone 5. Then the comparison is made ​​between Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Obviously the choice of the night mode is not accidental. The PureView camera of Lumia 920 is probably the best it has to show the technology of smartphones today. Obviously winner of the video is the Lumia 920 while comparing to iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 leaving them behind. In comparison with the iPhone 5 the Lumia 920 wins in color quality (greater color saturation, sharper image focus) while in comparison with the Galaxy S3 the Lumia 920 wins on image quality (less video noise, sharper image focus) .

The question is how many videos come out at night and in low light and when we will see similar comparative daylight starring Galaxy S4. In this case probably Nokia will use the image stabilizer as an advantage for the Lumia 920 and it is right.


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