Why Wearables are still on the runway

And no, we don’t mean runway as in fashion catwalk. What we’re talking about here is the metaphorical runway. Prior to 2014, wearables were for pioneers and early adopters. 2014, we’d all been told (and reinforced by CES in Las Vegas) was billed as the year wearables would achieve take off. Media coverage took off, […]

OnePlus One phone vs Lenovo K910 vs Xiaomi MI3

The interest of a modern user of mobile devices shifted recently from branded world known things to hardcore driving mobile devices from top Chinese mobile developers. A modern user tends to usability, simplicity and superior performance rather than for a brand logo on the case of the device investing into branding and getting zero delight […]

MobiKwik Mobile App: Makes Your Bill Payment too easy

Mobiwik.com is one of the much preferred recharging platforms over the web in India. It has presently appeared with a latest and one of the finest applications of android. The best part of the process is that its appearance and procedures are perfect like a site. Anyway, the users can go through for Mobikwik Online […]

Review of iSkysoft Data Recovery

Majority of us cannot resist losing files from our PC or Mac! For some, important ones may be movies and music, for some other, they will be documents, and for some others, they will be development files, including professional and personal. But the real question is, what will you do if you have lost some […]

DealGuru-The Ultimate Shopping Destination in India

The advent of online shopping portals have ushered a new revolution in the shopping scenario. You need not even leave the comfort of your living room, and the product you pick up from these websites in your wish list will be delivered right at your website, at a minimal cost. Plus, you can get some […]