Behind the Wheel? — Looking at Self-Driving Cars

You may have seen driverless vehicles in Sly Stallone’s futuristic action movie Demolition Man, but the film’s vision hasn’t been wide of the mark in the end. Recently, the prospect of such vehicles edged even closer, as the United Kingdom announced that it would allow trials of the vehicles to be carried out on public roads […]

JIAKE G910W Hands-On Review

JIAKE brings to you the most affordable and feature packed cell phone in the $ 80.00 price range on Gear best. Furthermore, The JIAKE G910W 3G comes equipped with a powerful RAM for the gamer population. The phone is the best in its price range on the Android market. Looking Nice The JIAKE G910W 3Gweighs […]

RailYatri: Your best friend on the train

It is probably a sign of our times that while on one hand, there is no dearth of train travel apps on the other hand, very few are equipped to provide information that a traveller needs. Most apps end up being clones of another, providing the same basic information in a different format. The one […]

Enhancing Your Knowledge Through E-books

Books aren’t exactly as popular as they were back in the day, people are always on social media sites and all of that junk. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that those who like to expand their minds aren’t still around, there are still people who love delving into a book and never coming […]

New free and fun mobile games you must try

As the world of technology becomes increasingly hand-held, it is no surprise that you can play top quality games direct from your mobile. Instead of sitting next to your PC in order to play, you can be on the bus or waiting for a meeting and be having just as much fun as you would […]