Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design

Presentation of Responsive Web Design If you are interested in evolution of the Web, here’s one that makes a lot of attention. It is responsive Web Design which is a clever formula to make a user-friendly site and adapted to mobile media and traditional media. Each change brings its own set of questions. It is interesting to […]

Why You Should Already Be In China (And What To Do If You’re Not)

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” This ancient Chinese proverb absolutely sums up all the wisdom you need to know when it comes to successfully doing business in China. Because when it comes to China, there are 3 critical things you need to keep […]

How Wearable Data Acquisition is Helping Sports

When it comes to innovative wearable data acquisition look no further than the Zepp multi-sport sensor. At this point it might be worth noting that we are not on Zepp’s wage bill nor do we have any affiliate marketing deals with them, but the product is just a great example of what can be done […]

Four Tips for continuing success of Netflix

Netflix is on a roll: Earlier last week, the provider of streaming movies posted that net profit more than quadrupled to reach 31.8 million dollars. Subscriptions increased to 40 million worldwide, with strong growth abroad. It also won three Emmys and it appears that the company is stronger than ever. Something that is surprising, given […]

How technology is changing the way that we interact

If you look back 20 years at the way we accessed information, worked, and our leisure behaviours that were very different to what we see today. Technology has driven our behaviours to evolve massively. As people will most fundamental things we do is interact with other human beings. We are a social animal and that […]