Improve and Speed up Internet connection using Registry Files

Speed up Internet Connection We suggest to create a backup of your registry files before performing following actions. Speed up the download speed of Windows Open Regedit in [Start> Run> regedit] and make the following changes: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParameters] “EnablePMTUBHDetect” = dword: 00000001 “EnablePMTUDiscovery” = dword : 00000001 “SackOpts” = dword: 00000001 “Tcp1323Opts” = dword: 00000003 “TcpWindowSize” […]

Philips Xenium X130: a budget phone with dual SIM and Mobile Charger

Philips launched one of  the cheapest mobile phone Xenium X130. The best part: The phone has a function of “Mobile Charger”: which allows you to use the stored energy to recharge other gadgets – for example, a smartphone. Connection between the two devices will be established through the USB-cable. The new product, Philips Xenium X130 is designed for mobile […]

Nokia silently introduces the Nokia Lumia 510

When we look at the features except the screen seems, Nokia Lumia 510 looks almost to be the same as Lumia 610. For this reason, it is very affordable afflicted, it will be released in late November, the device will be sold at $ 199. Nokia Lumia 510 technical specifications are as follows: 800 MHz Qualcomm […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update leaked images

Shortly after arriving Jelly Bean update in Galaxy S3, Samsung phones will update the versions in few other phones also. Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 have high sales records and their owners are eagerly waiting for the next news. Although no explanation about by Samsung about Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update. Image 1: Image 2: To your […]

ASUS introduced the three video cards GeForce GTX 650 for fans of World of Warcraft

ASUS has already represented the family of video cards GeForce GTX 650. A few days ago, the manufacturer decided to once again please the fans of NVIDIA, as well as fans of the game World of Warcraft with the releasing of three GeForce GTX 650 DirectCU Pandaren Monk Pet. Owners of new products will be able to download […]