How to delete all Facebook messages in 1 click

It is now some years you are using Facebook and are using this social network to communicate with your friends. You might be thinking to delete all Facebook messages from your inbox but it seems impossible to quickly delete all messages. Take the test and you will see that you have to delete each message one to […]

The 20 most downloaded Firefox extensions

In this article I will share 20 most downloaded Firefox extensions which can make your browsing experience better. Firefox Extensions fulfill many services like Web page editing, downloading, translation …  1: Adblock Plus The most downloaded, this module allows you to block ads invasive or use filter lists to navigate with confidence.Attention advertising serving economic […]

Basic applications for Nokia Lumia 920 and 820

The Finnish firm Nokia could give a dramatic effect on the first of October with the official coming-out star of their new devices. We refer, of course, the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, two terminals equipped with the latest operating system for mobile Microsoft : Windows Phone 8, of course. Before that time comes, of Redmond will have to be submitted in society definitely the brand new version of software , […]

Google announced a new $ 249 Chromebook

Google has introduced a new Samsung Chromebook, a laptop with Chrome OS operating system which is particularly remarkable for its price, $ 249 (190.2 EUR). The terminal has an 11.6 inch screen and is able to boot in under 10 seconds. The Chromebooks are Google’s bid for the computer market. These are teams that make up the cloud […]

Microsoft launches its own Spotify

It is not the first time Microsoft looking to break into the digital music business. The software giant has taken a step beyond the sale of music for download and has announced the launch of a streaming service Spotify European style. Xbox Music, which is currently available to users of the Xbox 360, will expand next […]