Play and Pause Media Player by showing your hand to PC

Do not get surprised by title of the post!

If you are Windows 7 or Mac user then you need not to get up from your bed to play or pause movies or songs playing in media player.

Flutter an application which supports on Windows 7 and Mac OS allows you to play/pause Windows Media Player with hand gesture. Now you will be thinking how it works! Let me tell you – it works on image sensing technology. However there are many applications I came through for this purpose but will suggest this application and Yes if you are user of Windows XP or other Operating System then you can move on to another applications which support these platforms.

Now let us know how Flutter works and what are requirement for this application to work:


1. Microsoft Windows 7 or Mac Operating System

2. A webcam

Steps to be followed to execute Flutter:

1. Download and install Flutter from their official website.

2. As soon as you finish installation part Flutter will search for the webcam so make sure your PC is connected with a Webcam.

3. An instructional guide will be opened and will let you know the further instructions. After finishing the Flutter will be minimized to the system tray and will work from behind.

4. To play and pause media player just show your hand in front of webcam and you are done.

Here is a video which will explain Flutter better:


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