Review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V

Even with continuous launch of smartphones and their ability to provide high quality images, cameras will always be the original choice for many when capturing their favourite moments. Sony, who is known for adopting the latest technology in cameras and other digital products, have not disappointed with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V digital bridge camera. With a fantastic review of 9/10, from Sony, we were intrigued to see what features this camera has and why it has made a huge wave in the market.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V


What more do you need from a bridge camera other than DSLR-like controls, superb 18 megapixel resolution, a huge 30x zoom lens, full HD movies and an added GPS? Nothing. Sony has created the ultimate camera. With its super sharp 18.2 megapixel Exmor sensor, this camera delivers an astounding level of image detail. When combined with the camera’s Bionz processor, its heightened sensitivity is put to the test; even in the dimly lit areas where decent photos were never possible you now can capture a fantastic image. Along with these unique features, this camera has a massive wide angle optical zoom and 30x zoom lens which is ideal for indoor or group photos – you won’t be struggling to fit everyone in with this.

Usually when on the move standing perfectly still to capture an image is a must. Well no longer, this camera has a built in Active Mode which is perfect for shooting when walking. As well as high quality images, users can get a cinematic feel to their video footage with the HD movie recording. You can also keep a log of where your videos and photos were captured with the GPS system, it tags your media, logs recordings and has a compass function too.

On a level with the current smartphone technology, this camera has the built in Panorama effect; allowing you to take a full sweep of your surroundings and have all the angles in one photo. The multi angle sweep can also record your shot from different angles at the same time, so you can choose the best shot for the particular image you want. With this camera you can choose to have as much control with the setup as you like. For example, it has manual controls which are already set in place or it has a superior auto mode where you can tune your camera’s details more finely, using the clear on-screen instructions.

A unique function which is a key asset to this camera is the high speed function; never again will you have an unclear focus of your main subject in any photo, even in dim lit conditions. This camera also has a tracking focus, which will keep your subject in focus, perfect for the continuous shooting setting that captures a burst of action in still images.

This camera is the ideal all-rounder as it has great portrait-based features, such as face detection and smile shutter. Smile shutter detects when the subject is smiling and automatically fires away without you having to press any buttons. Also included is a soft skin mode and self-portrait timer. If you’re not a professional photographer, you can certainly produce work this one as the HX-200 has loads of photo creativity interfaces which enables you to tweak your photos – from adjusting the colour and brightness, to applying different modes and effects to your image.


Accessories can help you get more out of your purchase and with the Sony Cyber-Shot these accessories are key in getting the most out of your camera.

When using your camera, especially if you’re on the move it’s best to keep it from any drops and damages. The Tecno Shoulder Bag is perfect for your camera as they’re made from highly resistant material and are also water resistant, so they offer you secure and safe protection for your equipment.

To keep your camera in pristine condition, use the microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the lens of your camera. By doing this regularly it enables you to get crystal clear images every single time, whilst keeping your camera in top condition.

For your portable equipment it’s only right you have a portable charger, this Hahnel Ultima charging accessory for your camera allows you to charge anywhere you travel with the various adaptor plugs. This makes sure you have power wherever you go so you can’t miss any photo taking opportunities.

Author Bio: This is written on behalf of British photographic retailing company, Jessops.

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