Sales of Surface Tablet, very disappointing in the first month

Eleven iPad sales per hour compared to Microsoft Surface tablet. A test data than the sluggish sales that are taking the products announced last month by Microsoft, and that CEO Steve Ballmer linked the future of the company.

The figure of 11-0 is anecdotal, but one more to those who are revealing in recent days and all in the same direction: weak sales of the tablet Surface and notebooks with Windows 8.

Sales Of Surface Tablets

For five years, the day of Black Friday shopping, consulting employees Piper Jaffray standing in front of Apple stores to measure the entry of people and their purchases. This time they went to a mall in Minneapolis, few stood before the Apple store and others to that of Microsoft.

According to sample every hour were sold in Apple Store products 17.2, compared to 3.5 in the Microsoft, of which two were games for the Xbox. The Apple customer bought 11 tablets per hour while in the Microsoft Surface nobody bought a tablet in the two hours that the driver was there Piper Jaffray.

Since last month announced Windows 8 and Surface  tablet, the stock has fallen more than 7% The information coincided in time with the data from the market research firm NPD Group , agreed that the trend in the last month Windows products in the United States have fallen by 21% over the previous year.

Still, Stephen Baker, NPD’s vice health healed in his analysis: “It is early to talk about the weakness of Windows 8 in the computer market. Ahead We  Christmas, but clearly see that Windows 8 is not force to push sales as expected. ” In fact, this month’s sales have fallen 24% laptops and desktops by 9%, sectors in which has always dominated the Microsoft operating system. We must clarify that NPD only measures sales in stores and companies, where Microsoft has higher implantation.

NPD Group said that Windows 8 is incorporated into 58% of PCs sold, up from 83% who had Windows 7. This signature also confirms, on the other hand, the poor sales of the tablets with W8, calling them “almost nonexistent”, less than 1% of the units with W8.

Although from the beginning of the year, Microsoft’s stock has risen 12%, the fact is that since the announcement of new products has dropped by 7.5%,

In the absence of figures from Microsoft itself, from different observatories will completing a puzzle of negative news for the ecosystem of Windows 8. From Taiwan, DigiTimes, very knowledgeable of the components industry, publishing Microsoft has lowered by half, from 4 million to 2 million requests for Surface components.

On Wednesday, before the meeting of shareholders of the company, Ballmer acknowledged that had reacted slowly to the boom of tablets, but was pleased to renew its products.

Amid this news, Microsoft has released prices for high-end models will cost 899 dollars Surface Pro (64- gig), 200 more than the iPad like memory, the 128 and 999 gigabytes. Compared to MacBook Air laptop, not the product of Microsoft compares more favorably in price. Will be the first tablets with Windows 8 to complete and no RT version. Apparently Surface Pro output has accelerated to the weak demand for the above.

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