Samsung Galaxy S4 would have an unbreakable screen

Rumors rife concerning the characteristics of the next generation Samsung Galaxy S phone, which will undoubtedly delight awkward: it is equipped with a screen and possibly unbreakable flexible.

samsung unbreakable screen

Could this be the end of the era of phone screens scratched or broken after a fall? It seems that the South Korean Giant, report that after several analysts, this paves the way for selling the S4 or the next two years with the S5.

The new device’s global leader in telephony would have a plastic screen AMOLED – rather than the traditional glass – which would give it greater strength and flexibility.

Like many companies developing similar technology, such as LG, Sharp and Nokia, Samsung screen could also be flexible.

The 5-inch Full HD screen is characterized by a high resolution image with a density of 441 ppi (pixels per inch), which is significantly higher than the S3 306 dpi and 326 dpi screen Retina of the iPhone 5.

It is also equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, and a 13 MP camera, according to Reuters.

Expected in April 2013, the next Samsung phone – answering the code-name “Project J” – raises high expectations.

Its predecessor, the Galaxy S3 was the best selling smartphone in the world in the third quarter with 18 million copies sold, thus dethroning the Apple iPhone 5.

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