Samsung might be working on a Cheaper Galaxy Note 2


Interesting rumors from South Korea. Internal sources of Samsung consulted by the specializing SamMobile have confirmed that the Asian multinational is bottled in the development of new devices, among which find a unique third version of Samsung Galaxy Note. This terminal, whose concept plays with what we mean by a smartphone and a tablet , surprised everyone with its first edition and earned a very personal space market with its review. Now, according to anonymous sources have argued that, since the company would be put to work for the development of a third generation.

This third Samsung Galaxy Note would be, roughly, a review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, although intended for an audience that has a smaller budget than that required by the last major release of the firm . Not too many have known about the hypothetical device performance, and only have transcended the possibility that not wearing Super AMOLED HD screen, so you waste a resolution lower than 1280 x 720 pixels, which integrates the current terminal . In this line, we could be thinking about electronic canvas 1024 x 600 pixels, perhaps distributed in a panel of between 5 and 5.3 inches.

Technically, unfortunately, there are no tracks. We know that the Note 2 carries a quad-core processor, 1.6 GHz and it is now more powerful than you can find in the market. The first generation Note, meanwhile, has a dual-core 1 , 4 GHz . The surprise here would be if the third Samsung Galaxy Note , which would have raised as rumor as a vocation would relatively inexpensive, bet again by technology quad-core Samsung , though perhaps developing speed somewhat less. In this sense, it also makes sense to go for a single model with 16 GB memory and memory expansion options.

cheap samsung galaxy note 2

It is no news that the possible launch . It is unknown whether this equipment is part of the development plans of the company or if he was on the verge of production. The distinction is not trivial: the electronics fair in Las Vegas, CES 2013 is just around the corner , and then Samsung could put on the table this terminal in order to compete on price with the teams that are Directions . And, as you know, next year we will know new handsets from other manufacturers that bet for the concept of phablet . At least,Japan’s Sony and Taiwan’s HTC in mind would launch screen handsets over five inches. And indeed,Samsung itself could break barriers , because as has been raising in recent days, the Samsung Galaxy S4 would reach that mark, or at least, would come close to the screen of 4.99 inches which is speaking.

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