Samsung TVs at CES 2013



The South Korean company would offer differentiated Ultra HD TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. Samsung’s generated; a rare expectation about its new family of TVs will be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Besides the prototype Curved OLED-TV the company introduced a diverse range of appliances and digital cameras that gradually will be publish.

Introduced a full line of larger screen TVs, including his first Ultra High Definition TV (TV UHD) of 85 inches and its new flagship Smart TV, LED TV the F8000, presented also the viewing experience more personalized television ever created: S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction technologies. For the first time at CES, Samsung unveiled its new TV UHD with large screen.

Merging technology and craftsmanship to create a “Timeless Design Gallery”, this Samsung UHD TV offers four times the pixel resolution in 1080, to provide greater detail, unsurpassed clarity and vivid image quality. provides also experience excellent audio that accompanies your screen: its 120 watts in speakers are perfectly integrated into the frame of the TV. UHD The TV has a scaling algorithm that is capable of converting content in HD and Full HD resolution UHD.

Samsung also introduced its new product logo, the F8000 LED TV, the first TV brand that has a quad-core processor. Available in sizes up to 75 inches, the F8000 has an ultra-slim profile, a framework of a quarter inch thick and a crescent shaped arc. Addition, Samsung is the first brand of TV to offer support for the new video codec high-compression (HEVC) that provides twice the video quality over the same bandwidth. Featured TVs the next evolution in each of the new Samsung TVs offers a new world of possibilities in the search, navigation and control. Samsung S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction technology is a personal guide to discover new content on the Samsung Smart TV.

Analyzing the user’s viewing history along with release dates and popularity of TV programs, S-Recommendation create a custom menu air content and cable, on-demand content and applications for each viewer. improved version of Samsung’s Voice Interaction technology will change what people think is possible from TV, now able to understand sentences and natural language. Along with S-Recommendation, viewers ask the Smart TV can watch movies and TV shows or movies get suggestions of specific actors or actresses.

Aggregated searches all relevant results available in air and cable, on-demand applications. This breakthrough user experience was extended to smartphones and tablets, thanks to Samsung’s leadership in connectivity. Users can search and schedule content on a tablet, view the content remotely or reflect what is seen in the Smart TV in the tablet to bring the contents of the house. The new Samsung Smart Hub intelligently organizes content a spectator in a menu of pages clear and intuitive.

Based on Samsung’s mobile leadership, the browsing experience is reminiscent of that found in their smartphones. The five pages include: On TV, movies and television pictures, videos and music, social, and Apps. Addition, at CES 2012 Samsung promised to bring the next evolution of television with the launch of its Evolution Kit 2013. Simply adding the Evolution Kit to a TV Samsung Smart TV, users can access the latest software offerings.

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