Security flaw found in Instagram

New threat to user accounts


Important security gap observed in the Instagram application for iOS that allows malicious users to steal account data and delete all photos.

Perhaps the same problem exists in the corresponding application for Android, but this has not yet been investigated. Developers application already working to fill this gap is reportedly easy to correct.

The problem occurred in version 3.1.2 of the iOS platform and reminds the incident with the Firesheep extension in Firefox, which had happened a few years ago. Similarly a malicious user can intervene in the file used for storing account information and gain complete control. Pending developers to “close” the gap, a simple way to protect anyone from this threat is not using Instagram through unsecured networks, such as a free WiFi Hot Spot.

The solution of the problem, as mentioned, is not difficult process but is striking that while the gap observed by the programmer with the pseudonym revenlov, on 11 November the Instagram has not come yet.

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