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When the basic blogging needs to be replaced with full online services, one has to find a dedicated web server that promises value for money and can actually cater to the technical requirements. is offering servers for all types of use, whether you are want to purchase racks or services. Moreover, they let you choose between brands of hardware along with packages it will be attached to.



Affordable and Customizable

  • ServerClub is not only an affordable web host, but it can sell you a package that is customized to your exact needs.
  • The options concerned with the package include the memory to use, the operating system and the hard drive.
  • The network resource is targeted as well, with several options for payment and exceeding bandwidth.
  • Server setup is at no charge.


See Before You Buy

  • If you can’t decide, the website will help you by providing a demo and show you the typical control panel of an account.
  • You will also be able to see the customization ways for your racks.
  • Thus you will get familiar with the business with no need to sign up or spend anything.
  • Clients can specify what they want in their servers, even if what they desire is not specified in the site’s list.
  • A whole custom package will be available in about 24 hours, which is a very good time.
  • The Demo page simulates 3 running servers so you can get a realistic view.

Bandwidth Issues

The problems with the dedicated server hosting at ServerClub can occur around the bandwidth matter. One can’t anticipate an exceeded limit, if the site receives too high volume. The ServerClub, however, will let you purchase traffic as needed or cut the bandwidth to 10 Mbps.



ServerClub delivers Windows dedicated servers but also provides Linux dedicated server hosting, allowing for better user control on the purchase and for customization levels that may be hard to come by.

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