Should we use www or not in the domain?

When launching a website, especially if we pursue the goal of winning from a SEO perspective and optimize our website as much as possible, it is more than likely that we will address a wide range of issues more or less important.

www or not

www or not in the domain

Within the SEO the domain is characterized as one of the key, especially if the domain we find the main keyword we want to position.

However, since the domain market we face today and in a few years, on many occasions it is not possible to have a domain with the keyword you want, especially if this keyword is as important as usual.

In these cases, it may help us with a hyphenated domain if we are faced with two words. Search engines like Google divide both words as two different, but equally we inform them of the content. For example, if the domain is busy, may be equally valid alternatives (negative only from an aesthetic standpoint, since it does not affect the SEO?

If anything, from a technical point of view we can find an obvious question:

Is using www in the domain?

Is using www in the domain is positive or negative for SEO?

Although indicated that Google tends to crawl URLs without www first, the fact is that if we tell Google to effectively crawl www content only, eventually choosing the domain with this version.

Nor is it appropriate to use first the domain without the www version and then switch to the www, because unless we use a 300 redirect, we run the risk that Google identifies the contents as a duplicate, or that both competing in the search results.

Basically a choice between a domain or not with www or without lies rather in an aesthetic, rather than SEO. Perhaps we should not belittle something fundamental: at least elements that may interfere or interfere in the best position possible, the better.

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