Simplify Your Workload with Clover POS

So you’ve decided to go with POS to help improve your business, but how do you know which brand of POS, to begin with? Let’s take a few moments to talk about the state of the art Clover station. For an affordable price, the Clover POS system is simple to use, easy to setup (it comes complete with simple step-by-step instructions) and effortless to operate. No matter what POS solutions you are looking for, the Clover likely has a helpful and profitable answer for you.


What Can the Clover Do for Me?

Besides offering your customers payment options of credit and debit cards, a Clover POS station is additionally capable of accepting EVM chip cards and various forms of touchless payments. Clover software also goes further than cash transactions, offering other functions like running reports, tracking inventory, managing time sheets, and document printing. Moreover, Clover POS systems come with reliable encryption and hardware, safely and securely protecting the funds and personal information of both you and your customers.

Types of Clover Stations
Beyond just the simple stationary POS setup, Clover offers multiple other models of POS interface, so you can choose whichever one is best for your business. If you’re a food truck and selling on the go, Clover Mobile comes equipped with a mobile POS card reader, capable of accepting all forms of credit and debit cards, as well as chip cards and Apple Pay. Clover Go is an accessory that furthers this concept, having the capability to plug into your smartphone or tablet and accept payments from there.

If you’re looking for something more compact, go with the Clover Mini. This is a smaller version of the Clover station and offers all the same payment options but fits snuggly on even the tiniest of countertops. The Clover Flex is ideal for restaurant or sit-down service, acting as a handheld touchpad that allows you to take orders and process transactions while walking around your busy dining room. Whatever your needs may be, there are good odds that Merchant Account Solutions offers something special to meet them.

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