Tablet/iPad: Do’s and Don’ts

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in 2010, no one could have predicted the effect the device has had on consumers. Starting with the iPad and then the numerous tablets that followed, these devices have become a firm favourite in households worldwide. They have become so popular within the market that tablets are now finally being recognised as an entirely separate category to smartphones.

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Like any computer, the iPad/tablet requires maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. This includes optimising your battery life and running speed, whilst keeping it bug-free, protecting your tablet/iPad from any wear and tear and cleaning it correctly. Unlike a computer or laptop the iPad/tablet makes most of these tasks simple to carryout. Here is a list from One IT Support of simpler do’s and don’ts to optimise your iPad/tablet and get the most from your favourite device.

Keep IOS Updated:

iPads and other tablets usually alert you when a new version of the operating system has been released. When this red indication takes place, plug your iPad into a power source and go through the steps to update your system. By keeping IOS updated your iPad will run smoother; with the latest security updates and fixing various bugs your iPad may have slowing it down and affect its system.

Optimising Settings For More Battery Power:

There are a number of ways to optimise the power of your iPad/tablet uses. For iPads begin with turning off your 3G if you’re not using it, you can also tell your iPad to fetch your mail on a longer interval to help reduce draining power.

For both iPad/tablets, turn down the brightness on the screen to see a huge difference in your battery power. Close programmes and apps/widgets you’re not using as these all drain your battery slowly, and never leave your iPad/tablet charging overnight. This can over-charge your laptop and in fact damage it causing the battery to drain faster than it normally would. Manufacturers recommend draining your battery completely once a month and charging back to full power, this helps format your iPad/tablet into telling you the correct percentage you have left. The required starting point to charge your iPad/tablet is around 5 per cent.

Back It Up:

Your iPad/tablet should perform regular backups whilst charging, as to not get in your way. These can also be a great way to make sure you can restore your iPad/tablet if you run into any problems without losing any data. iCloud is a brilliant way for iPad users to sync all their data onto your PC or itunes without having to plug it in. For other tablets use a storage unit like a buffalo, which you can plug directly into your tablet and drag and drop the files you want to keep safe.

Remove Unused Apps:

Applications which are installed on your iPad/tablet take up some of your internal memory and as you know the less memory a tablet has the slower it gets. If there are any apps which you have no use for but are still on your tablet, we recommend you remove them. Once you remove these apps you will notice that your tablet speed has increased to some extent.

Buy A Case:

No matter how safe you try to be with your iPad/tablet accidents do happen. Due to its thin design, a simple drop could lead to a cracked screen and, depending on the angle of the drop, this could cause a sizeable dent in your iPad/tablet. The best cases are form-fitted and provide the protection you require, there are also plenty of heavy duty cases which can be used on outdoor adventures as well as within the home. Avoid loose fitting cases such as leather binder cases; your iPad/tablet should fit cosily in any case you get, if not you’re not getting the full protection.

Screen Protector:

If you’re constantly on the go, or you have small children or toddlers in the home, you may also want to purchase a screen protector. This can make sure that even the dirtiest hands won’t be doing too much harm to your iPad/tablet.

Clean On A Regular Basis:

Cleaning your iPad/tablet on a regular basis is always a good idea – this keeps it free from dust and the natural oils on your hands that can be left during normal use. Use a soft lint-free cloth similar to the ones used to clean eyeglasses and lightly dampen it with water. Avoid window or glass cleaner or any other form of cleaning products.

If you have any issues regarding repairs or damages to your iPad or tablet, One IT Support can help via live chat, email or in case of an emergency they also have a contact number so you can speak to a specialist immediately.

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