Tablets vs PC

Within the last say 10 years we have seen a huge influx of personal computing. Especially the more portable units. As we have seen smartphones have tablets vs pcexploded to many different shapes and sizes and operating systems. From Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry’s. All are arguably great units and devices. What’s even bigger is the tablet age.

Tablets are really just over-sized smart phones with bigger screens and simplicity with the operating systems but still have the compact ability to carry easily from place to place. Tablets are a quick and easy solution to quickly view internet information, social media, gaming, reading, video watching.

They are quick and right in your hands. We all remember the very first tablet to come out which was the original first Ipad from Apple. We all know how that exploded and changed the tablet industry with other operating systems and companies following. Tablets at first were great for the first reasons given however they still lacked the power and abilities on PCs.

With PCs you obviously get more of the high end usage with dedicated software that tablets cannot do. As the industry turns to more compact and smaller items many of the parts company’s have turned there attention to much smaller processing units such as the motherboards, processors, graphic cards, and ram. This is an important factor if tablets want to jump above PCs.

Something else that we have noticed in the past year is the two in one aspect. Where the tablet screen part can snap off the main keyboard area and be snapped back in. This becomes a win for the tablet industry as you keep the PC setup but can still snap off and have a tablet. Only draw back is high intense gaming or computing with higher end software.

In conclusion, the real question is can the tablet industry move past PC sales in 2015 which is 2 years away. Personally it is still a little skeptical and every individual will have certain needs depending on what they need. Either tablets will always be a luxury or they will explode even further and pass PCs altogether.

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