The 20 most downloaded Firefox extensions

In this article I will share 20 most downloaded Firefox extensions which can make your browsing experience better.

Firefox Extensions fulfill many services like Web page editing, downloading, firefox extensionstranslation … 

1: Adblock Plus

The most downloaded, this module allows you to block ads invasive or use filter lists to navigate with confidence.Attention advertising serving economic model for the free sites.

2: FlashGot

This module evaluates the various links of the download page and determine which one is more reliable and faster depending on your location on the network. A good way to download files faster.

3: Video DownloadHelper

A tool to the limit of legality, as it offers users to upload images and videos from any website. A good idea, except that some videos are protected against copying and planned disseminated only on the sites in question.

4: NoScript

This program is a protection to be applied to the Firefox browser. It checks the validity of links on a page and above can block the execution of any javascript code on a site as long as it is not part of a white list defined by the user.

5: Down Them All

It is a download manager such as Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), but integrated into Firefox. It displays more clearly the ongoing downloads, and allows you to interrupt them back later.

6: Personas

Recently, this module is progressing well. I must say it is full of advantages: easy to use, lightweight, with tons of different skins … Probably the easiest way to customize your browser today.

7: Cooliris

On the Internet, there are many pages with multiple images and videos one after another. If you want to search in the library, it is easier to use Cooliris, which presents the content in the form of a video wall, in which you navigate by moving the mouse. Intuitive, practical and very visual.

8: FireFTP

If you regularly use FTP servers, it is sometimes painful to have to open a separate software to download remote files. FireFTP has the advantage of being fully integrated with Firefox. It offers a relatively standard interface and easy to handle.

9: Download PDF

This tool is used to do everything around the PDF format. You can save a Web page to PDF, email it, but read online PDF without Acrobat Reader, download a PDF file online, share or archive PDF.

10: FoxTab

Sometimes management tabs becomes a bit chaotic when they multiply. To easily navigate from one page to another, FoxTab offers 6 different views that should suit you.

11: WOT

WOT or Web Of Trust is a community of several million members who evaluates tens of millions of websites on their credibility, commercial reliability, confidentiality and security of minors. We can therefore check if the site on which you want to buy this or that product is recommended or not by users.

12: Flagfox

A module that performs a simple task but well worth it. It traces the route of messages that are sent from the site you browse to determine its origin.Practice to detect possible fraudulent websites, or simply for your personal culture.

13: ColorfulTabs

Practice as a module rather assigns a unique color to each of your tabs to find them more easily. The colors are rather simple, and the content is very readable.

14: IM Translator

Instant messaging allows you to communicate with the world theory. But generally the language barrier eventually catch up. Fortunately, there are tools like IM Translator to understand.

15: AniWeather

This app gives you the weather forecast a few days and you can see a map of temperatures, wind, air quality, the forecast of rain …

16: Webmail Notifier

This tool fits in your web browser and continuously indicates whether or not you receive a new email in your inbox. It manages both Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL. Recently, it also alerts you when there is activity on Facebook and Twitter.

17: Read It Later

If you find an interesting page, but you do not have time at the moment to read it, just use Read It Later. The module saves the page you want and you can consult it later, even offline.

18: IETab

It is not always possible to correctly display a web page if it is optimized for older versions of Internet Explorer. It is increasingly rare, but occasionally, it can be interesting to use this module to view this page properly. A new tab opens in Firefox and simulates the rendering of Internet Explorer.

19: BitDefender QuickScan

This analysis tool scans the contents of your computer to detect any threats. It is based on data from the BitDefender antivirus. A useful tool if you are unsure at any time the security of your computer. It offers a cons-analysis in relation to your current antivirus.

20: Awsome Screenshot

A tool to add comments to a Web page.Practice of a professional point of view, it can also be used personally or to share a few traits of humor or to emphasize a particular point of a web page to his family.

I hope these awesome extensions will take your browsing experience at a better stage. Hope you like this article, do not forget to share it with you friends.

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