The application Scubo makes 3D photos with the iPhone

Not Made in China, but Made in Navarra. Ten engineers, a degree in Fine Arts and another in Biology have developed an application for the iPhone 3D photos.

The application Scubo makes 3D photos with the iPhone

Behind this adventure is the Pamplona Fernando Ruiz, engineer left the Public University of Navarra, which began with the automotive-drive and phone. In a demonstration, from Navarre stroller posing between the legs of a person in Canada, Ruiz saw that needed a 3D model to calculate the depth of field.

application Scubo makes 3D photos

He and two friends have 80,000 euros each to create Engineea, a company based in Pamplona. The original idea was to create a camera that will fit into the iPhone to create 3D images. “In these were, when one of our engineers came up that did not need a camera to obtain 3D images with the iPhone,”
said Ruiz, 37 years old.

Thus was born Scubo 3D, a free application for the iPhone, which basically consists of two images shot stick to the same object, and thus get the 3D effect. Simply hold the trigger while moving the phone 10 centimeters.

The application works well, but has the limitation that it must be kept static photographed, so it is advisable to photograph objects. In the same iPhone, is the result, which is even better if you turn a TV Smart TV, can automatically projected images large size.

“The problem of 3D TVs is that no content. And above all, no family content, “says Ruiz.” Scubo done with it. ” From there the company created a social network for sharing 3D photos.

For a week, the application is complete with its own accessories stores that distribute Scubo phone: a viewer that fits the iPhone (25 dollar) to download and view 3D videos without special glasses. “For a more comfortable we devised a mobile-display housing (60 Dollar).” The circle is complemented by a
camera that records images and videos in high definition and in three dimensions, (85 euros).

The assembly is done in the company of Guipuzcoa Gureak, which employs people with disabilities, unless the viewer that is the Tectron Alava.

“There is nothing like it on the market to generate and play 3D content so easily. Not to be professional, “says Ruiz, who attributes his success to the efforts of the 12 Engineer. “Here’s one that only numbers have assured his salary and two months away, however, have preferred to stay in this
business rather than look for a secure future in Silicon Valley”.

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