The Best Apps for Small Businesses

If you’re thinking about starting up a small business, you’ll need to be prepared to work on the fly. Today’s array of business-minded apps help make it easy to stay in touch with clients, manage files, and coordinate meetings with team members on the go. Here are a few must-have apps for anyone involved in a small business.

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Whether you work with freelancers or simply need to access your own files from remote locations, Dropbox is a highly useful app that’s now indispensable for its millions of users. This platform allows you to store, view, and share your files in the cloud. This can be particularly useful if you work remotely, have telecommuters, or hire freelancers, because you can share your files instantly and safely. Although it’s not free, the start-up cost is generally more than worth it for the convenience and security.


When you need to keep track of emails from various sources, Mailbox will keep you sane. This app was actually purchased by Dropbox in 2013, and is just as easy to use. It can support emails from,, Yahoo, and Gmail among others, and is completely free to use on almost any devices or platform. You’ll be able to mark your mail as read or choose to save messages for later, and organize your emails into multiple lists to stay on top of them.


Another top-notch organizational tool, Evernote can help you create and manage to-do lists. Jot down notes when you’re at meetings and organize them into lists of tasks. You can sync your lists and notes across multiple devices, and share them with your network as needed. At its most basic level, Evernote is free, but you can also upgrade to Plus and Premium versions with greater data allowances.


One app that consistently tops the list of the best apps for small businesses is Skype. This communications tool allows you to stay in touch with team members, clients, and suppliers no matter where you are. For small business owners who don’t yet have an office, this allows you to take part in video or conference calls, either one-to-one or with multiple participants. Most businesses are now on Skype, so there’s a good chance you’ll already be able to create a long contact list straight away. And most features are free of charge!


Keeping track of finances is one of the hardest parts of running a small business. In addition to taking small business courses via sites like to brush up on your skills, you can also download apps like Expensify to keep track of finances. This is meant to be used during business trips, helping you generate automatic expense reports. You can also take photos of receipts and link your credit or debit card to your Expensify account if you wish, in order to create more accurate expense reports. You’ll need these for accounting purposes later, so it pays to be prepared.

My Finance Partner

Another accounting service is My Finance Partner, which like Dropbox is cloud-based for convenience. It’s offered by PwC, which provides accounting and professional services for businesses, and allows you to contact a real, live accountant to keep track of your finances accurately.

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