The Effective Ways for Students to Make Money Online

Mostly every online money making method is a scam. There are scams that pay you but that are still scams. For example you can write articles etc from home, but you will only be paid three dollars for five hundred words. This is a scam because the original payment is closer to $45. The job is passed down to one person, who passes it down to another, and as each person takes a cut the final amount gets less and less.

More scams

Other jobs such as survey taking are scams because it is impossible to get paid. They will tell you that you will get five dollars for each survey and you can withdraw your money if you make more than $40 per month, but they will only send you six surveys to do per month. Other scams include having you Scamsend naked or scantily clad pictures or videos of yourself.

They will claim they are modeling pictures or for a “naughty” site, nevertheless as soon as you click “send” you will never hear from them again. The scam is that they know you are not going to run to the police and tell them that you did not get paid for sending your naked pictures in. Below are three effective ways of making money online as a student.

The Effective Ways to Make Money Online

Sell your gear on eBay

You can also try Craigslist if you fancy, but do not try Amazon because you will just be forced to sell for pennies. The amount of fees and postage means that you would have probably been better off selling your stuff on the street corner for a dollar and sandwich. EBay is the way to go if you are a student and you want to make a little bit of green. You can create fantastic selling adverts that eBay Sellinghelp to push the price of your stuff way up.

You have way more control of how your items sell, when they sell and by how much they sell for. You can trial and error your adverts too to find the ones that sell the best and the worst. The great thing is that you can sell just about anything, so you can completely clear out your dorm so that you have the money to buy new stuff.

Sell photos (not naked ones)

There is a market for useable photos online. All you need to do is find a market place for your photos and start selling. If you have cute and funny photos then they will sell first, but sometimes it is the weirdest photos and subjects that sell, such as a man looking surprised or a person with a tooth missing. Out of context you may wonder why people would buy such photos, but you will be surprised at how well these photos fit into website. The funny ones will sell first though.

You may have seen the funny ones on social media sites. Many of them are aggregated for free, but most of them have been paid for by someone so that people are allowed to share them around and post them on multiple sites. You can sell two types of licence for your pics. The first is a usage licence where you allow your photo to be posted (unaltered) on one domain or document.

The second is the full rights licence which means that the buyer now owns your photo. This means that they can post it anywhere and do anything to it. He/she is also able to add their name as the photographer. Selling your photos is an easy and fun way to make a few extra dollars online.

Transcribe Audio

People out there are happy to pay students to put their audio files on paper (so to speak). Many people will have business meetings which they wish to have a written copy. You will however find that you get work from people who want a blog or articles but do not want to write them, so they will talk their article and have a ghost writer put it in print for them.

transcribe audio

This is a good job for students because it has a low pay that is suitable for students. Usually the low paid stuff goes to third world workers because they can work for just a few cents per hour, but in many cases, third world workers do not have a good enough comprehension of English for them to successfully transcribe audio into text. Therefore students get the work.

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