The first phone with Windows Phone 8

The first phone with Windows Phone 8; Lumia 900

It is new, but does not give that feeling. It has an air of old acquaintance. Outside reminds the Lumia 900 from Nokia. With 4.3-inch screen, supposedly impossible to scratch that stands on a plastic cover that surrounds the back of the phone. It is in one piece, you can not remove the battery (1800 mAh, more
generous than the usual 1400 mAh), or expand the memory (16 gigs). Just has a Micro USB port for charging or pass data and another slot for the phone card, Micro SIM size.

When switched on, the difference to Windows Phone 7 is small. The interface is very similar: two vertical rows of tables, with automatically updated information like notifications, and the menu settings, programs and default access right. The screen does not reach the adaptability of the widgets on
Android, but can be aware of everything at a glance.

Yes initial experience has improved: it is much easier to set up a professional email either (Exchange) and personal (Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail). The same applies to importing contacts, which can unify the phonebook and email with Facebook and Twitter.

Among the merits of HTC is putting the focus on the multimedia experience with better sound with Beats technology (the headphones that make celebrities look) and a fast 8-megapixel camera, with good results even in low light and video recording HD. The focus is fast and promptly burst shooting. Invite to
say goodbye to the compact camera.

Photograph taken with this phone

The menu has alleged utilities like flashlight or mirror, but at any given time a role. He also appears as a shortcut to the “children’s corner” as the “Local Tracker,” which suggest programs for children, shops and services nearby.

One difficulty, especially if you come from the Android world, is knowing what applications are open. It is designed for use regardless of the particular program too, but in passing from one to another as needed. The web browser, adapted to HTML 5, is especially brilliant, loads fast and is adapted to the
size of the screen without too much trouble. Shop for mobile applications continues to grow. Okay, no Instagram, but how little is missing. There from WhatsApp to Facebook , Twitter , Angry Birds … Popular search is.

Bing is the default search engine

In use something uncomfortable, that has less to do with this model as with thebing in lumia 900 operating system interface. Sometimes you write about black and white, as to when you send mail, black and white, but a white so bright it is annoying if you are a long email. How could it be otherwise, the music service integrated with Xbox, Microsoft’s console, and the default search engine is Bing. The maps, as well.

This is an interesting phone, high-end, but perhaps too high a price, 599 euros in the open market, taking into account the prices of iPhone 4, 5 or even Samsung Galaxy S3. Especially when it is a newcomer operating system.

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Yogesh Vashist

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