The Great Tablet vs. Computer Debate

I’m a laptop user and haven’t quite come around to acquiring a tablet. I used to be a firm believer in desktop towers, but nothing quite beats grabbing a vanilla latte at Starbucks and sit amongst the hipster types. I’m currently stuck in a “Do I, don’t I” situation. A friend of mine the other day went out to get a bottle of milk and came back with an iPad. Now I walk the high street in fear, hoping I won’t be dragged in by Apple’s oh so beautiful marketing.

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Computer Positives

Tablets are very restrictive unlike computers. Computers allow the user to fiddle not only with the software programs, but also the hardware. This means that you’ll never have to reinvest in a whole computer and instead just have to buy components when needed. For instance, if you’re needing to play the next Call of Duty but don’t have a good enough graphics card, you can simply buy a new graphics card which will work with your old components just fine.

After crawling the web I came across a new kind of computer and one that takes computer modification to the next level. The single board computer, raspberry pi model b, allows developers to design the most intricate programs. It’s easy to add a HDMI port or USB drive and simply play around with all sorts of technology. And after even more crawling, I came across a blog about Razer’s Project Christine which is an easy modular based gaming pc that will make computer modification user friendly for even the most illiterate computer user.

Tablet Positives

Tablets are designed for the mainstream consumer. Unlike the raspberry pi and Project Christine, tablets can’t be taken apart and modified. This can be a good thing because you won’t end up breaking anything! Tablets like Tesco’s Hudl (one of the cheapest on the market at £119) and the iPad, are light, sophisticated and easy to travel with. This makes it ideal for business or pleasure on the go. I have my laptop with me at most times and despite it’s size, I still feel it is too big to get out and use in every location. This is why tablets are so useful.

The touch screen is a fantastic prospect. It is functional and allows quick browsing. It is predicted that the touch screen market will reach $3.3 billion by 2015 . Navigating Google’s Play store or Apple’s App store through touch is powerful and gravy like. The ability to easily download a magazine, video game or weather application and swipe your fingers to use it is incredible if you think about it.


There is never going to be a final decision on the debate. Although touch screens are becoming incorporated into laptops, I can never see a day where a computer is not required. It really comes down to personal taste. Do you want to upgrade and modify your computer or are you happy to have the same piece of hardware, a tablet, for 2-3years? I’m a keyboard lover and I don’t think that will ever change. There will have to be a significant tablet innovation before I let Apple take my money.

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