The most satisfied owners of an iPhone

iPhone owners are the most satisfied with their mobile phone as u EPSI survey on consumer satisfaction with mobile.

satisfied owners of an iPhone

Behind Apple, with a score of 89.8 points out of 100, are Samsung (75.9 points), Nokia (75.8), Sony (75.7), HTC and LG (71.8) and BlackBerry (69.8 points).

Regarding the retention ranking, Apple is also the first (90.7 points), followed by Samsung (71) Sony Ericsson (68.3). Only 50% would buy a Blackberry.

EPSI notes that in the last year the gap in satisfaction between Apple and other brands has increased. Furthermore, the score of the manufacturer in terms of retention has improved compared to 2011 going from 87.9 points in 2011 to 90.7 points in 2012.

satisfied owners of an iPhone

Nokia’s customers are increasingly “less loyal” to go from 83 points in 2010 to 75.4 points in 2011 and 67.6 points in 2012.

EPSI results are based on more than 1,100 telephone interviews with a representative sample of the Spanish population aged 18 to 79 years.

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