The Ways in Which Smartphones Can Actually Be Hazardous

Although just about everyone is now dependent upon smartphone devices every single day to help them with everything from keeping in touch with Smartphonesfriends and family to doing research on the internet, what many people don’t realize is that heavy smartphone use can actually be hazardous to their health and safety.

If you have never really thought about the ways in which your smartphone may actually be doing you harm, read on to learn some of the ways that it can hurt you, as well as tips for protecting yourself from these damages.

Harmful Radiation is Emitted From Smartphones

Smartphones that run on Wi-Fi connections or 3G connectivity emit harmful waves of radiation that can alter the way your cells operate. With the risk of cancer increasing as a result of exposure to this radiation, it’s necessary to take all of the necessary precautions to avoid being exposed to the radiation from your smartphone.

You can avoid heavy amounts of radiation by texting more rather than actually talking on your phone. The more you keep your phone pressed up against your ear, the more radiation your head is exposed to, potentially increasing your risk of cancer. If you must have a conversation on your smartphone, put it on speakerphone and keep it on the table as you speak so that your body will be away from the radiation. Also, use the phone when it’s operating with a full signal. When the signal is weak, it has to work even harder, and this can lead to more radiation exposure. And, finally, when using your phone, keep the keypad facing you, as the back of the phone is where most of the radiation comes from.

Smartphones Can Cause Major Distractions

Whether you’re using your smartphone in the middle of a busy street or in your car, the device is causing you to be distracted from what’s going on around you. This puts you at risk of a thief taking advantage of you and it also puts you at a huge risk behind the wheel. Therefore, reserve your talking and texting for when you’re in a secure place and not while you’re driving.

Your Investment Could Be Lost

Smartphones are very expensive devices that need to be upgraded on a regular basis. If something were to happen to your phone between the periods in which you would be purchasing a new one, you risk losing the money you spent on your investment and having to purchase a whole new smartphone all over again.

Usually, smartphones are meant to last at least 2 years, until you renew your service plan and are eligible for an upgrade. In the meantime, though, a hard fall can cause the smartphone to break. Or you may accidentally drop it into water, or perhaps end up crushing it somehow. Because all of these hazards are a possibility, investing in cheap smartphone insurance is a great idea. It will protect your asset in the event something happens to it, so that you don’t need to worry about spending even more money than you already have.

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