Three web browsers which can change your life

web browsersWhy should you choose a web browser other than your traditional Internet Explorer? If you could finally adventure, you can finally access some features of the practices once available. For example, save online videos, have the weather in front or easily share files with friends. These web browsers, which are much more efficient Internet Explorer, also provide a higher level of security.

So why not to simplify your life?


Firefox has been ten years already, and it has not only managed to become one web browsersof the leading web browsers from the open source community, but also to impose the general public, thanks to its many innovations, such as the tabbed browsing .

Opening led to the creation of thousands of add-ons and customization of any kind, completely free. From video recording to the translation, to even – for users who want to go further – to functions such as removing buttons “Like” on Facebook all web pages, Firefox provides features for all needs.

By cons, it is also its wealth default, loading his computer too many of add-ons, it is slightly slower than its competitors.


Opera is a very fast web browser and is equipped with all the security options suchweb browser as navigation secure and anonymous .

This browser is distinguished by focusing on private exchanges of very large files between users, and offers many new features such as note taking, an email client, and many aesthetic options for changing its appearance.

By cons, its add-ons are few when compared to those of Firefox. However, their installation and use require good computer skills, they are not within the reach of all. Turn to Firefox if you are quite new to the field.


The Google browser has surfed the wave Firefox has paved the way forweb browser alternative web browsers. Quick and offering full compatibility with web standards, it offers also the add-ons , but without being at the height of the king Firefox.

However, it has been a victim of non-compliances with respect to Google’s privacy. In addition, during installation, the user agrees to assign all rights to any content published via Chrome, same thing Microsoft has ever dared to do.

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