Top 5 iPhone Applications

The iPhone scenario greets its users with a myriad selection of its novel and innovative applications. Apple has brought in around 60,000 applications with varied quality of entertainment and products which are designed to provide you with hours of amusement and great functions. The article here aims to jot down the top 5 iPhone applications.


It’s a fine specimen of how you can implement your tasks, to-do-schedule and notes superbly on your iPhone. It works much like the EverNote app but with some little intelligent improvisations to notes and SpringPad also takes care to automatically assign them in the appropriate categories. Thus, when you need to remember anything, just place the info with SpringPad help in your particular device and then categorize it. Your every information would be featured on the device dashboard, getting you an easy access.


It’s regared as one of the best iPhone apps for the year. The very application is designed with self-timer, image stabilization capacity, burst mode, light help for bright recording plus instant Twitter/flickr/Facebook sharing. Apart from these, the Camera+ comes up with Lightbox that assists in post-editing curriculum enabling the users in setting nearly seventeen scene modes which work incredibly well. Besides, you will also get thirty-five digital effects, 18 varied borders, and the rotating & cropping tools. It’s nice to state that Camera+ can be regarded as the most ideal still picture software on iPhone.

Angry Birds:

The very game has to be placed in the top 5 iPhone applications owing to its overwhelming popularity and craze. Angry Birds is a superb addictive gaming application and till date has been reported to have more than five hundred downloads over all portals, both on gaming consoles and personal computers. The award winning gaming application is chiefly preferred given its engrossing game line, challenging play style, comical approach and certainly the low prices.


Are you a bookworm with a strong fetish for reading? Then Kindle would be the most ideal iPhone application for you this time. Kindle has been designed brilliantly to present its users with around 7 million books, magazines, newspapers as well as journals to read. No, wonder Kindle easily secures a place for itself among the top 5 iPhone applications, especially for the voracious readers. The best part is that Kindle works fine with any of the iPhone  model and the particular model is greatly favored as it gets you to save bookmark, pages plus highlight too.


It was ranked as one among all the coolest iPhone applications in 2010 and still continues to be a favorite of the iPhone users. Shazm enables the user to recognize every song they come up to. It may be that you have suddenly come across a particular tune on your radio but could not identify it; in such a situation Shazm is your ideal iPhone app. So whenever you are hesitant about an album or artist, simply activate the Shazm app on your device and within fifteen seconds, Shazm would present you with your song title, album name as well as details on the artist.

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