Top 6 Plugins For WordPress

WordPress has become the default standard for creating the most professional looking blogs on the Internet. Because it is so popular, the world of WordPress includes thousands of plugins which allow users to get the most from their websites. There are a select few plugins that every WordPress user should take advantage of to maximize their Internet exposure.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache - Image via Flickr by Sean MacEntee

Cache is segment of memory used by your computer to speed up the processor. It holds onto the information that your processor uses the most and helps your processor to access that information faster. W3 Total Cache is software cache that speeds up your WordPressapplications and makes it much easier to work on your site. It also helps your website to load faster for your users.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links on your WordPress website not only frustrate your visitors, but they also cause your website rankings to drop. This plugin will search all of the links on your WordPress site, point out the links that are not functioning properly and help you to make the proper corrections. Since WordPress sites tend to have a lot of internal and external links, this is a very helpful plugin to have.

WordPress SEO

WordPress Seo -  Image via Flicker by Harsh Agrawal

This plugin will make your WordPress site show up at the top of search engine result pages when using your preferred Internet Provider.. This is a plugin that will help you to create an optimized website by allowing you to alter page titles, tags and other meta-formats to enhance their effects. This is a comprehensive suite of SEO functions that will increase your website’s visibility on the web.

Thank Me Later

One way to make sure that new visitors come back to your site is to send them a “thank you” email after their first visit. When a new user gives you his email address, this plugin will automatically send a welcome email that you can write yourself.


Analytics are critical to any website owner who is trying to generate revenue with his website. The Wassup plugin is one of the most comprehensive traffic monitoring plugins available for WordPress. It is will allow you to see past activity on your site and you will also be able to monitor real-time site visitors as well. The best part about this plugin is that it is completely internal and does not require you to sign for an external monitoring service.

Bulletproof Security


This is the ultimate security plugin because BulletProof Security allows you to monitor file permissions for folders and files. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who will continue trying to hack into your WordPress site until they are successful sothis plugin allows you to back up files and can be restored in the event files becomes corrupted due to a hack attempt. This security plugin prevents that from happening and protects your site. It also can be locked to prevent any writing or unlocked so you can edit the code directly.

WordPress makes creating a professional looking blog a little easier. If you really want to get the most from your website, then you need to utilize the many plugins that are available. When you expand the capabilities of WordPress, you will be able to create a very powerful website.

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