Top 7 Android Applications for Online Education

iPhone and iPad can’t enjoy all the attention especially when Android has hit the marketonline education with a loud bang and thud. Android has been hard on Apple lately and specifically with more than 700,000 apps available on the Android market, it is one of the leading smart phone technology in the world. Recently, everything and literally each and every little thing in human life have gone online so there is no point for education to be restricted within the traditional classroom.


Android apps have made online learning even more effective. Here is a scoop of the top seven and the most popular Android apps for online learning.

  • Fact book– This Android application is a mobile atlas cum encyclopedia that helps in generating data about countries including population, GDP, cell phone usage, geographic terrain etc. The app lets you derive charts and graphs from the data for a detailed comparison. This app is useful for those studying geography or economics.
  • Formulas Lite – A very useful Android Application for mathematics, physics or chemistry students since it generates all the technical formulas respectively also it works as a substitute for a scientific calculator. This application is guaranteed to help students pass some of the most tough study sessions for all three subjects.
  • Wattpad – Wattpad also known as the YouTube for e-books has been designed for literature, English and mass communication students since it has more than 100,000 novels, short stories and poetry collections stored on it. Wattpad is available for PC as well as Android also. It is a reader’s paradise!
  • Deluxe Moon – This is also one of the most interesting apps in Android market. A student of science, physics or astronomy can ever have since it helps to learn about the moon and its cycle. One can study the various phases of the moon, and the complete anatomy, which also helps to stay up to date of the activities of a moon’s cycle.
  • LSAT Assassin – Law students can now prepare for the entry test to law school admissions through their cell phone. This Android application has tutorials, tests and practice exercises that prepare students for the entry test just like the regular pre-entrance test preparatory sessions. Applying for law school has never been this easy!
  • My Pocket Prof – As the name suggests this Android application is a mobile professor that helps to store notes and assignments. Students have all their study material handy and also they can synchronize their notes to share with friends or simply to sell their notes online as support material.
  • Pocket Knowledge – This app has all the answers! Students can ask any question and related to whichever subject, and this app generates the correct answer for it. All major subjects have been included to ensure the app has an answer to each and every question.

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