Top Apps for Taxi Bookings in Delhi

Travelling in a big city like Delhi can be a problem sometimes. The public transport options are too crowded and travelling in them can give you a headache. Owning a car is not feasible in some cases because you have to pay a lot of maintenance fee and then learn to drive on heavily trafficked roads. The perfect solution to both these problems is to book a cab. There is a lot of competition in the cab service industry these days and the users can benefit from it.

taxi booking app

Most of the companies allow you to book a cab with a simplified mobile app. This app will track your location, connect with a cab near your location and get you at the location of your choice. As all these companies claim to be the best, we have listed a few unique features of all the top apps for taxi bookings in Delhi to help you out. This list will allow you to book a cab that suits your needs at the moment.

  1. Meru: Meru app has multiple unique features. First one is the ICE that sends an SMS with your location details to 2 registered numbers in cases of emergencies. They also have a new service called “Meru Eve” that’s operated by women drivers only. So ladies and women can feel safe in these cars and their families can be tension free too. Their “carpool” feature is also good as it saves money and saves the environment as well because fewer cars on the roads mean less pollution.
  2. Uber: Uber app allows a user to compare rates on the go. You just have to select the one that’s most suitable for your budget and comfort. You can also connect with the driver for easy pickup and avoid confusions as well as long waiting time. They also believe in customer delight by giving you the power to choose the music and relax on the drive. Apart from luxury amenity uber provide exclusive promo code for Delhi users so to get the uber promo offers visit
  3. Ola: Ola cabs are for people who are tired of the whimsical behavior of Delhi auto drivers. The auto drivers constantly refuse to take a passenger until the route suits them. Ola cabs allow you to get to the location of your choice by taking you to any route you wish. Ola cabs can also be available at your location also get you a cab at your location within 2 minutes time. So, it’s good for people who need to be somewhere at a specified time and can’t wait for long.
  4. Taxiforsure: Taxiforsure app allows you to book cars ranging from Indica and Sedans that’s the preference of most people. But they also pamper the rich by offering options like BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar. The app also has many weekend discounts that will get you a deal of your choice if you wish to travel this weekend. The chauffeurs are also very knowledgeable about various routes so you will never get lost.
  5. Mega cabs: Mega cabs are for people who wish to get somewhere instantly. You can also book the cab 24 by 7 which will be a boon during a contingency. They also have a lost and found feature that will help you to get back any valuables you might have forgotten in their cab.

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