Are Phablets the New Trend in Mobile Technology?

When mobile technology started to enter mainstream circles in the 1980s, the idea seemed innovative but the design left a lot to be desired. More and more people – namely business people – began to invest in mobile phones but these phones were the size of bricks and very difficult to carry around and handle without looking extremely conspicuous.

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As mobile phones became increasingly popular over the course of the 1990s, the design and features of the technology evolved and not only could the phones be used to do much more but they became far sleeker, smaller and more attractive. In fact, the smaller the phone the better it was considered to be. However, it seems that things are once more changing direction and while it is doubtful that we will ever see the ‘brick’ phones of the 1980s again, there does seem to be renewed interest in larger smartphones these days.

Why are larger phones becoming popular?

A number of big name manufacturers have released smartphones that are so large in terms of screen size that they are closer to tablets than phones, and these have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, handling a larger phone is far more challenging, particularly when you are out and about and may be doing something else such as carrying shopping or other items. Unlike the standard smartphone it is far more difficult to hold in one hand, which is one downside. On the upside, however, more and more companies have now developed responsive websites that can be viewed with ease on screens of different sizes. Many entertainment sites such as Netflix or online gaming sites such as Uptown Aces have developed responsive sites that can be easily accessed via mobile devices. Retail sites such as Amazon and eBay have also adapted their sites to make them easily viewable on mobile devices. This means that those with these ‘phablets’ can enjoy viewing things such as games and entertainment on a larger screen, which often means a more satisfying experience.

A number of tech giants have released larger hybrid phones that appear to be a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. This includes Samsung, which has been releasing its Samsung Galaxy Note series for a few years now and has recently released the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Another popular phablet is the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, which comes in at 5.7 inches in terms of screen size.

Another popular player in the field, HTC, has also got in on the act with the release of devices such as the HTC Desire 820, with its 5.5 inch screen along with a 13 megapixel rear camera. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes in at a whopping 6.4 inches, so this one really could be quite a challenge to use unless you have both hands free! Various other manufacturers have got in on the act including LG, Google and Huawei, with many enjoying surprising levels of success when it comes to the sale of this new breed of giant phone.

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