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Windows 8 is a new awaited product by Microsoft. Let’s see in this article what to expect: Windows 8 features, new way to use Windows……

A new Interface

Windows 8 would be the biggest change to the OS since Windows 95 (the first operating system to accommodate this companion who stayed with us for over 16 years).

Indeed, the small button at the bottom to the left of the screen, which gives the way to the Start screen (also known as Metro Interface) will stand out as icons, called “tiles” which will give access to the applications.

Windows 8Applications as well as Windows taskbar, icons, Windows Sidebar gadgets, windows, aero peek, aero and aero Sake Snap will be displayed in full screen. In addition to its new interface that will allow Windows to use a new way, many features have been added and others have been improved in Windows 8.

Support for USB 3.0

10 times faster than USB 2.0, USB 3.0 is promoted to a great future, according to Microsoft, who depends on the protocol. Indeed, according to statistics from June 2011, in 2015, all new computes will be equipped with USB 3.0 ports. For example, you can copy a high definition movie from a USB 3.0 storage device in 80 seconds instead of the required 15 minutes with USB 2.0.

Improvement of Basic operations

Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete……. those things you do sometimes reflexively represent 50% of the total use of commands. In most cases, these tasks do not last more than 10 seconds, but sometimes they can also last for several long minutes, because Windows Explorer is not optimized for multiple copies or large tasks simultaneously. With Windows 8 these operations will be clearer.

  • Copying action to the same folder will be grouped into a single window. You can pause or resume an ongoing operation. You will also be able to change the progress bar indicating the status of the copy.

Management of two copies, one is paused:

Windows 8Management of three copies graphical display:

Windows 8The Improved Windows Explorer

One of the major changes in Windows Explorer will be the appearance of the tape. Earlier this happened with Microsoft Office 2007 also. It allowed you to have faster access to features and easier, thanks to better organization. This is exactly what will be happening with Windows 8: some commands which were accessed through context menus are now displayed in the Ribbon. There is movement of the information pane on the right side instead of down. Indeed, the screen resolutions are most common in 16/9, so it creates a better management of the available screen size.

Explorer 8 in Windows:

Windows 8The Information pane in Windows Explorer:

Windows 8Faster Startup

Windows 8 provides a significant advance in startup. Now your computer is ready to be used in about 10 seconds after pressing the button against the 20-30 seconds required by Windows 7. Until now, when you press the power button, the PC starts the pilot needed to boot the kernel of the OS, then Windows boot the system (loading additional drivers, services) and Session 0. Then there was the start and they you could use the computer. When you turn off, shut down the operating system sessions, programs and services, Windows 8 will record the session 0 on the hard drive. It’s like when you turn your computer into Hibernation: Windows saves the state of memory (sessions, programs and services open) on the hard drive, then turn off the PC. But Windows 8 will only record the session state 0, which takes less time, so when you start, it will restore the first session state 0 in memory, then it will launch additional drivers, then the startup screen. In short, the session of 0 Windows 8 will always be “open” even when you have stopped the PC.

Improvements in Task Manager

It will present only the leading applications in a simplified view where the only option is to “end task”. To view the process of background and additional options, simply click on “more details”. There will be all open windows grouped by application.

  • View from the Windows Task Manager 8 with less details:Windows 8
  • The same by clicking on “details”

Windows 8In this presentation, you can see the so-called “heat map” all the information on the right indicate the use of resources and becoming darker gradually as their use of resources is important. This function also allows the resolution of problem.

Another important development is the emergence of more user-friendly names in the list of process. In fact, earlier, when looking for a particular process, it was difficult to find a name without meaning with the extension *.exe.

In Windows 8, the Task Manager replaces the names of the executable by the real name of the process and the executable is Splwow64.exe “Print driver for host applications”.

Passwords and protection of user data

Windows 8 brings new functionality in protecting user accounts.

You will have the opportunity to create a Windows account with your Window Live ID, which will be able to recover their lost password by a password recovery Hotmail password on another PC.

In addition to the traditional connection with a password, Windows 8 will bring two new ways to connect:

Wi-PIN, a four digit code that you can type without pressing Enter, and you open your session quickly. This maneuver is not very safe for your data center maintenance, Windows 8 will advise you to use only safe place.

The Password image, a very original way to connect, especially useful for touch pads. Simply choose an image in your data, and indicate three steps to reproduce this image: you can draw lines, circle and point to parts of the image. Then, during the opening screen, it will reproduce these movements to the same, but are not pixel-accurate.

Windows 8It is important to note that you can use three ways to connect (password, PIN and password image). You can choose how you connect at startup, if to have set in the panel configuration of the interface Digress to introduce you to one of our old friends, who became a revamp for the release of Windows 8. I speak of course of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or Blue Screen of Death.

Improved Installation Process

Installing Windows has always been a delicate operation, everytime Microsoft tried to limit the problems, many users choose not to upgrade their PC because they considered the operation too complicated. It should also meet the requirements two types of customers: those who want a simple installation, fast and clear and those who want access to more complex options. A new way to install Windows 8 is installed via Internet: or Windows 8, counsel for upgrade, the installation program and file transfer utility and Windows settings are grouped as a single process. The installation process begins by analyzing the PC to detect potential problems compatibility and then the downloading process of Windows 8 begins.

Windows 8

Improved System Restore on Windows 8


Windows 8 will probably be a watershed in the history of Windows.

Windows 7 suitable for having a support of touch, Windows 8 will have its own interface for tablets and a new army of features. Windows 8 promises to be a great success this summer.

To your success

Yogesh Vashist

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