What’s Special About Google Chrome OS

google chrome OS

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser and is always coming out with great features to keep us busy and make our internet experience a remarkable one. It’s amazing to think that this search engine has branched out into so many aspects, such as Gmail and Google plus but do we really want our entire PC to be run on Google software? Introducing Google Chrome OS. The newly released OS has had some mixed reviews and many argue if it can really compete with favourites like Windows and Mac OS. Here are a few things that make Google Chrome OS special.

Rapid Updates

One of the best things about installing Google Chrome OS is that you don’t have to wait ages for unimpressive updates. Google update their Chrome OS regularly and there’s something spectacular with every update. You’ll find things like Google Play and perhaps the most impressive, the free 100GB memory on Google Drive storage. It’s literally a whole new world on your browser-based OS. So if you’re a fan of Google Chrome, every update is like another Christmas.

Integrated Apps

If Google Chrome apps are your thing, then Google Chrome OS will be your dream come true. Access your online apps right from our desktop. Actually, most of your favourite Google applications can be accessed from the Google Chrome OS desktop. Gmail, Google plus and all the game, lifestyle and photography apps in one place, right where you want them. It really is Google heaven!


No one likes waiting for their OS to cooperate, that’s why Google made sure that their browser-based OS is fast, smooth and loads all your favourite sites and pages faster than most OS’s. It’s the perfect browser experience, on your whole PC. So hop on board and try to keep up with Google Chrome OS.


Games are a great part of an OS and Google brings console-quality to online gaming with elegance and all the features you need for hours of fun. Yes, every OS has games, but not like this. We’ve seen what Google Chrome app games can do, now prepare for that same quality right on your operating system.


Samsung and Google have released the ultimate laptop notebook for a best of both worlds experience. The Chromebook is a Samsung notebook sold with the chromebook with google chrome osGoogle Chrome OS pre-installed and designed especially for this OS. It’s cheap, it’s a quality laptop and it’s a whole new experience for the web-crazed Google and Samsung fans. All the special OS features bulid-in to an ultra-thin, speedy and portable notebook. Well done, Google! This is one innovation you would be proud to own, enjoy and share.

Transform your entire PC to an online experience with Google Chrome OS, for every web-loving heart. Google has offered us the chance to enjoy everything they have to offer in one place and while they work out all the kinks, we’re happy to have our PC experience evolve with them, at the speed of light.

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