Why iPhone 5 is better than Galaxy S3

There are many controversies about the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iphone 5.

In fact, iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3 are both powerful smartphones with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Many users consider Galaxy S3 as the better option over Apple iphone 5. However, Apple iphone 5 holds its own stand with some unique features that are far superior to that of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S3. Here are some reasons that make iphone 5 better than Samsung Galaxy S3.


Design and construction

Crafting a beautiful phone that easily fits into your pocket and that is also durable, is not that easy as we think, but Apple has done it wisely than anyone else. The iphone 5 design is hot enough to melt your face. The new iphone has peeled off the glass on back and is thinner than other actual candy devices. Use of polished aluminum at the back has improved the scratch and shatter resistance of the iphone’s glass, making it much more durable than Samsung’s polycarbonate device.

The use of more aluminum in the frame has made it lightweight, weighing only 112 grams less than the Galaxy S3 which weighs 133 grams.

Screen quality

iphone 5 is better than galaxy s3

Apple has added to the resolution of the screen (1136 x 640) to balance its extra length, with pixel density at 326 ppi and the ultra sharp look you know and love intact. The touch sensors are now integrated into the glass instead of placing them under the glass. Another interesting fact is that it places another row of icons. Though we really appreciate AMOLED strengths of Galaxy 3, those of you with good eyesight would prefer the iphone 5 LCD display.

User interface

ios has simple user interface with fun-filled animations. No other touch operating system is so cool and interesting to learn and operate. With Galaxy S3, Samsung is really striving better to make Android render a more consistent and beautiful platform, but its attempts are in vain. The Galaxy S3 would have otherwise been a better phone if Samsung had its own OS. Google’s recent Android interfaces do not have bright displays as ios, but they do possess some unique features which Samsung Galaxy S3 does not.

Audio and video

Enjoy your favorite music, video and radio podcasts on your iphone. You can pick your favorite music collection from iTunes, the digital music store. The app store provides you with Pandora, Spotify and numerous other apps. The siri from Apple is superior to S-voice found in Galaxy S3. Siri interprets commands easily whereas S-voice struggles to filter out sound.

With Galaxy S3, you need to do some research to find your favorite apps. Though Samsung offers its own music it has tied with AT&T and U.S. Cellular that prevents anyone who are not on these carriers from using it.

Direct updates from OS manufacturers

With Apple iphone 5, you get direct updates from its vendors whereas with Android phones you don’t receive the updates unless the manufacturer or network provider releases an update.

Dedicated virtual camera Button

iphone 5’s virtual camera button lets you to take snapshots easily which is not possible with Samsung Galaxy S3. Moreover, Apple iphone 5 camera is reviewed around the tech world as better than that of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Faster Uploads

With Apple iphone 5, you enjoy faster uploads that is 5.67 MB per second compared to Galxy S3’s 3 MB per second speed.

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