Why we should never ignore Google+?

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Recently doubted the importance to many Web sites actually had integration with social networking site Google+, especially for the few users who used daily depending on the time they spent in the network (compared to other networks such as Facebook or Twitter).

To give just one example, in March knew that Google+ users spent an averagegoogle plus of just 3 minutes a month on the network , unlike the seven hours they spent on Facebook monthly or hour and a half or passing on Tumblr the new Pinterest.

In fact, at the moment there are still many Webmasters and SEO experts who doubt many wondered what the arrival of this network, and if the volume is +1 on pages or sites do not influence the positioning.

Be that as it may, the fact is that Google+ is a social network, that rather than being one more, should become one of our top priorities when to share the contents of our Internet sites. Why? We give several reasons.

From 0 to 250 million users in a short time

The Google+ statistics undoubtedly are quite clear:

150 million monthly users.

75 million daily users.

The most active users spend more than one hour a day using Google products.

Users spend an average of 12 minutes a day on Google+.

Google+ and events

Google has renewed the creation and marketing of events through its social network, allowing:

Invite anyone even if it is within the social network. They can upload photos of the event by email.

Events are automatically integrated into the Google calendar.

Google+ can create a special page on the event by adding all the photos on it.

Google+ for iPad

No doubt if something many users are looking forward to have an iPad and also have a Google+ account is the arrival of an application that allows the use of the social network more easily without having to use the Web browser .

It is expected the arrival of this application for the coming months, supposedly.

To your success

Yogesh Vashist

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