Windows 7 or Windows 8 – Which is A Better Operating System?

PC users are mesmerized with the specs of Windows 7 operating system. Now greater surprise and privilege is waiting for you to explore with the coming of Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 has come up with several advanced features which are not present in Windows 7 OS also. Some of the highlighting features of Windows 8 are ‘Cloud service in Windows Live’, ‘Refresh and Reset button’, ‘new interface of Task Manager’, ‘touch keyboard’, ‘app store of Windows 8’ and many other such exciting applications.

Windows 8 is sure to give a tough competition to Windows 7. Windows 8 proves to give better results with regard to performance, features, booting and other similar aspects.

Windows-7 vs Windows-8

Windows 7 and Windows 8 – A Comparative Study

Booting Performance

Windows 8 reveals to have a high booting speed and this makes it all the more popular since PC users are fond of working in a PC having great booting speed. The booting speed in Windows 8 is dependent on the firmware interface and solid state drive. Using a novel method, cold boot resumption is combined with the hibernating mode allowing you to reduce load time and increase your PC speed at the same time. You may be thinking that hibernating takes up a lot of memory space but this is not the case in Windows fast booting

A very small memory portion is acquired for the hibernating session thereby saving your memory space. It is saved with a file name and can be restored to the memory. Hence, Windows 8 performance is more optimized than Window 7 OS. With Windows 8 you are sure to experience greater speed of your PC system.

File System    

The file supporting system of Windows 8 doesn’t permit anyone and everyone for accessing windows files without any authorization. Hence, Windows 8 promises you better security than any operating system. Redundancy of similar files is prohibited in the memory by the use of “file name collision” technique which is absolutely new for this operating system. To prevent file collision, you have to take tricky results so that you can select between similar types of files. This process can be easily followed in Windows 8.

windows-8-secure file system

In Windows 8 OS, all unwanted labels and texts which are not relevant and important for you are removed from your system. To ensure that you have a quick searching of the files, only the significant texts are stored in your PC. Therefore, Windows 8 works great in terms of file system as well.

Cloud Services

windows 8 cloud service

Like Windows 7, in Windows 8 also you can save data online with the help of Windows Live essential. But there is another alternative for storing data online in case of Windows 8 – you can have an online backup when you know the password and username. You can store the data in server computer. The biggest facility is you have complete freedom using the same data from any other system at any time and get back your old data provided you know the same password and username. This feature is referred to as cloud computing with the online data. You will not get this feature in Windows 7 operating system.


Better graphics quality has been the trademark of any windows OS and Windows 8 has improved in this matter further. Windows 8 has GUI with tile-based startup and metro-style interface. You also get the option to utilize Windows 8 as smartphone. Semantic Zoom of this operating system provides you this freedom. You can also know some facts about the recent status of the shares by the provision of the stock-ticker file.

windows 8 graphics

Windows Performance

In spite of having a heavy GUI, Windows 8 does not compromise with its performance level. For starting Photoshop CS5.5, you will only require 4 seconds. Similar is the case with other applications as well. It takes much lesser time to open up an app in comparison to Windows 7. Hence, this proves its superiority with respect to Windows 7.

CPU Performance

In case of the performance of the CPU also, a marginal improvement has been found in case of Windows 8. Running any program in this operating system gives lesser load to CPU than the Windows 7. This is certainly a significant feature since developed GUI is supposed to put greater load on the CPU.

Shutting Down Time

Windows 8 shuts down at a remarkable faster rate than Windows 7; you just need 6 seconds to close down the operating system. You just need half the time Windows 7 takes to shut down.

windows 8 shutdown

In the comparative study, it is clearly been portrayed that Windows 8 stands in a far better position than Windows 7.

You should experience this new operating system before you agree to this fact.

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